No reason but...........DAMN shes so HOT!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by andym, Dec 18, 2012.

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  1. Mmmm oh yes! she's like a chocolate that needs to be eaten...8O
  2. If it's Eurovision - she'll get my vote.

    Sod the song!
  3. The lighting effects were quite good...just for a moment I thought I saw a couple of blokes in red shirts playing guitar...
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  4. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I would bang that like a snare drum. Hard and rapid. What the fuck is she singing about by the way?
  5. She was singing?
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  6. there were others on the stage?
    what eve the comp she gets my vote

    Editted: I went for a second view just in case I missed something, I did the fish on her ass?

    coments below vid seem to be in ine with ours:razz: ^_~

    the 29 dislikes is how many times my girlfriend has caught me viewing this video

    remrem ourson 1 week ago
    I am french and I wish I could not understand the lyrics, not that they are bad, but they are just distracting me from the sexual overload this video brings to the viewer. She is simply gorgeous. No need for a meaning, this video communicate directly with your male instinct. The life instinct for reproduction...
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  7. But she's French!. Probably stinks as well. And she's miming, and she's French.

    18 secs in tall bird with bloke with red tie - yum! Even though she's probably a cheese eating surrender monkey too.
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    There's a couple of threads on this young lady from way back
  9. J'en ai marre means I'm fed up. See, its always useful having a French speaker on call.

    Google says

    J'ai la peau douce
    Dans mon bain de mousse
    Je m'éclabousse
    J'en ris !
    Mon poisson rouge
    Dans mon bain de mousse
    Je l'emmitoufle
    Je lui dis :
    J'ai pas de problème
    Je fainéante
    Pas de malaise
    Je fainéante
    Dans l'eau je baigne
    C'est l'important
    Bien à mon aise
    Dans l'air du temps
    J'ai la peau douce
    Dans mon bain de mousse
    Je brûle à l'ombre
    Des bombes
    Tout est délice
    Des lits des cibles
    Je fais la liste des choses
    Qui m'indisposent
    J'en ai marre de ceux qui pleurent
    Qui ne roule qu'à 2 à l'heure
    Qui se lamentent et qui s' fixent
    Sur l'idée d'une idée fixe
    J'en ai marre de ceux qui râlent
    Des extrémistes à 2 balles
    Qui voient la vie tout en noir
    Qui m'expédient dans l'cafard
    J'en ai marre de la grande soeur
    Qui gémit tout et qui pleure
    Marre de la pluie, des courgettes
    Qui m' font vomir sous la couette
    J'en ai marre de ces cyniques
    Et dans les prés les colchiques
    J'en ai marre d'en avoir marre
    J'ai la peau douce
    Dans mon bain de mousse
    Pas de secousses sismiques
    Je me prélasse
    Et me délasse
    C'est mon état aquatique
    Y a comme un hic!
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  10. What a hound, I have turned down better looking minge.
  11. She's miming? I used to like her but now I know that................................................
  12. I'd like to see her drop the soap in the shower, bubbles everywhere!
  13. Yeah, but this one doesn't say 'Baaah' when you trombone it !

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