No Place For a Navy in The Modern World.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Passed-over_Loggie, Sep 17, 2010.

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  1. The reply to which is "bollox"

    So while the World wrings its hands over Somalia, nasty stuff happens in other places too.
  2. May I ask in all seriousness, what crew members being Kidnapped inside territorial waters which is kidnapping I concede, has to do with your question or statement in the post title.
    I see lawlessness and am aware of the growing anarchy in many third world countries, in fact I doubt if lawlessness is growing, just attracting publicity in a shrinking world with high tech media.
  3. POL I agree with your point, although the arguments are far more wide ranging than those you provide, but who made that statement in the first place? Any chance of a link to an article?
  4. Err, actually, both links were there as direct hyperlinks;


    Old news now but,

  5. Err, thanks I saw those.
    Your post seems to be in repsonse to the statement "No place for a Navy in the modern world". My question was who said this and do you have a link to the article in which they said it?
  6. That the dyslexic local tribute band for the Jackson 5? Loaded for bear for when the crowd gets hairy
  7. I might casually observe "what a bloody shower" but some might deem that racist.
  8. Perhaps, many touchy people out there. Either way, they are nearly as heavily armed as the crew of a Mersey Ferry :p
  9. You could be right. There are some bad buggers in Hoylake.

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