No Place For a Navy in The Modern World.

The reply to which is "bollox"

Two crew members of the trailing suction hopper dredger Amerigo Vespucci were kidnapped by an armed gang as the vessel worked in the Cameroon port of Douala on Sunday night.

Pirate attacks are becoming increasingly common off the coast of West Africa. In March this year, seven Chinese nationals were kidnapped off the Bakassi Peninsula in south-west Cameroon, although hey were freed later.

The attacks are blamed largely on militant groups based in Nigeria's oil-producing Niger Delta.
So while the World wrings its hands over Somalia, nasty stuff happens in other places too.
May I ask in all seriousness, what crew members being Kidnapped inside territorial waters which is kidnapping I concede, has to do with your question or statement in the post title.
I see lawlessness and am aware of the growing anarchy in many third world countries, in fact I doubt if lawlessness is growing, just attracting publicity in a shrinking world with high tech media.
POL I agree with your point, although the arguments are far more wide ranging than those you provide, but who made that statement in the first place? Any chance of a link to an article?
Err, actually, both links were there as direct hyperlinks;

Old news now but,

While the world’s militaries are busy waging battle against pirates off the coast of Somalia and in the Gulf of Aden, there are more violent seafaring criminals off the western coast of Africa, military experts say.

Unlike the eastern Africa pirates, who are mainly interested in taking hostages for lucrative ransom payments, the pirates plaguing western Africa waters are more interested in the ships’ cargo.
with international navies already committed to disrupting piracy in the Gulf of Aden and Somali basin, there are few international forces left to sail the western waters, said British Cmdr. John Harbour, spokesman for the European Union Naval Force Somalia.

No military warships persistently patrol the west coasts, and international military and diplomatic officials must now add piracy to the list of other problems that threaten regional stability, such as drug smuggling, illegal fishing, human trafficking and illegal migration.
Err, thanks I saw those.
Your post seems to be in repsonse to the statement "No place for a Navy in the modern world". My question was who said this and do you have a link to the article in which they said it?

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