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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by R12_CV, Dec 19, 2010.

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  1. 8) It's Sunday, and Mrs R12 and myself did the usual bedroom waltz this morning (an' I was great!). Come the self hygiene moment I search the gulch for the disposable wankercheifs only to find them gone 8O
    I momentarily glance at the curtains, only to see blinds... then I spies the used and dried tissues in the spitkid 'That'll do nicely' I thinks :twisted:

    The look from my good lady was a piece of art, followed by 'I don't believe it!' under her breath.

    Anyone else with equally romantic tales of this morning (or past mornings)
  2. Muahahaha this should be a funny thread. Well the only one I can think of that I have done is after exploding the love potion and rolling over the only thing I could find was..well her tiny little thong..that did the trick just right. She wasn't impressed in the slightest 8)
  3. You should have told her what you used to clean it with before you stuffed it up her. 8O
  4. I had trouble getting the screwed up condom off me dick which really pissed me off as I dont use them!
  5. After a somewhat drunken [email protected], I attempted to wipe my dick on her beloved dog that would not leave the fking bedroom. She was not amused (and neither was the mutt)
  6. Why didnt you just get the dog to lick the manfat off of your cock. Seems a better solution to the problem to me!!!

    :D 8)
  7. Now he tells me.

    Mind you, that was circa 1992. reckon I'd catch the fking thing now !!
  8. I had an old oppo recite something similar. A lad he was at college with showed my mate a new dog he had taught his dog whivh involved licking his cock.

    8O 8O

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