No more unit 1st Aid courses? Rumour peddled (by me) as fact

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Uncle_Albert, Apr 6, 2008.

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  1. I hear from various sources that the extraordinarily useful in-unit 1st aid courses (run over two weekends) are withdrawn, with the idea from someone undoubtedly full-time RN that those doing them can instead go on the 5 day course like the rest of the RN.

    This, of course, means that one would have to take time off work to do it, and since it's not ORT for most (all?) branches, those doing this will be few and far between.

    Which means that when those currently qualified reach the end of their ticket lifespan, they will suddenly be unable to act as 1st aid cover on weekends out and about, sailing expeds and all the other AT for which a 1st aid ticket is always helpful and often compulsory, and whatever else needs someone with a 1st aid ticket hanging about.

    Before I start flying off handles and writing to my MP, can anyone with more knowledge than I confirm or deny this rumour, and if possible explain the thinking behind it? I really don't see what possible problem there was with running them in unit - we had properly qualified staff, the correct equipment, the syllabus and exam direct from Haslar and an excellent turnout from people who took the skills and set about being useful with them, even if it was just to be the qualified first aider needed in so many other training evolutions. Given that in unit it was two weekends rather than five days, and the travel costs were HTD rather than a return ticket to Pompey, I wouldn't be surprised if it was cheaper too.
  2. Re: No more unit 1st Aid courses? Rumour peddled (by me) as

    Hey albert,

    I can confirm this rumour. I have recently done two 1st aid courses, 1 was at HMS Raleigh and the other in my workplace. Both the same course but the second was to get my HSE Certificate as there were too many of us during the navy course to be issued with the HSE one.

    Now the instructor for my civvy course is also in the RNR and he said that he has been told that he is no longer able to run the courses in unit because the RN First Aid bosses have said that it is no longer acceptable to let the RNR teach first aid (due to being instructor qualified or some rubbish like that). So to recap, this is a civvy First Aid INSTRUCTOR who is being told that he can NOT instruct in the RNR. where is the sence of that?

    I agree with you that this is completly stupid and is not really thinking about the needs of reservists, however, I havent complained because I have been paid twice for the same course which I got for free both times. I would like to say that all members of AWFP Branch can do the RN First Aid course as their ORT. There was also some talk of letting other branches doing it as the more First Aiders the better for the workplace. The course at HMS Raleigh was a good course and the practicals are made better by the RN budget as it is made more realistic.
  3. Re: No more unit 1st Aid courses? Rumour peddled (by me) as

    Do you not have a first aid course running at a nearby college at night time?? Or at your St Johns branch or Red Cross.

    Would this be ok for the RN

    The head count per first aid person always amused me. One first aid person for so many people. What happens if the first aid person gets injured?

    I was told when I injured myself with being a first aider I could treat myself.

    The person that said it was a first aider and I wouldn't let him loose in my back garden!! He used to hide in the switchrooms when the buzzer sounded.
  4. Re: No more unit 1st Aid courses? Rumour peddled (by me) as

    Yes both those do first Aid courses, the problem is that the RN First Aid course has several certificates attatched to the one course. Because it is Navy and not civvy, they teach added elements which then means you can gain certificates such as the Medical First Aid Aboard Ship (approved by the Maritime Costal Agency and because the RN have different levels of First Aid course (From 1 day, level 1, 2 & 3 and instructor levels just like in civvy street). There is also the RN Level 2 certificate NBCD23 which you gain.

    By taking them in another place of education you would have to pay some sort of fee to sit the test and thet would make it harder to get paid for it. :money:
  5. Re: No more unit 1st Aid courses? Rumour peddled (by me) as

    I'm wondering if this is just the start of things to come? I have lost count of the number of times I have been told that those who are mobilised will be put through an x number of weeks intensive training before being deployed to theatre. Certainly happened during Telic. Could the First Aid course be one of those courses to be included in this "intensive training"?
  6. Re: No more unit 1st Aid courses? Rumour peddled (by me) as

    From weekly orders.

    First Aid Courses – The earlier note on Weekly Orders referring to the RN Lead Schools for First Aid as being the only authorised avenue for a First Aid qualification is no longer the case. Level 2 training will continue to be conducted locally. Anyone who is currently Level 2 First Aid qualified and who wishes to undertake the Instructors course should contact the XO.
  7. Re: No more unit 1st Aid courses? Rumour peddled (by me) as

    Ace. Trehorn, PM incoming.
  8. Re: No more unit 1st Aid courses? Rumour peddled (by me) as

    Well when I was at Raleigh there were at least half the class who were booties doing training before they did their op tag training for somwhere sandy. It does seem that it is going that way in general. No problems with that though they just need to let us do other courses to fill our training allowance up.
  9. Now, the denouement.

    I tracked down the usual organiser in my unit of these things and they confirmed that it's all back on. Why the change of heart? No idea. If I had to guess, I'd guess the original signal drafter probably didn't mean to blanket include the reserves.
  10. Re: No more unit 1st Aid courses? Rumour peddled (by me) as

    Don't know if anyone high up is reading this thread but:

    1) I'm a qualified RN first aid instructor. Did the DIT course at Keogh Barracks.

    2) My civvy job is as an ambulance technician.

    So are they telling me that I'm not able to instruct first aid? How strange.
  11. Its all very well organising them in house but if people don't sign up for them, they won't run, then FLEET or whoever can rightly say, lets can them in unit.

    I speak from experience of having a in unit weekend cancelled because of lack of numbers - shame really - I could have done without taking a week off work and would have preferred to have done it over two weekends.

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