no more to be said really :-)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by markbsac, Mar 2, 2011.

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  1. Janner cnut!!!
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You called?
  3. Used to watch him when in refit in Gus.
    The bird who had her hand up his jacksey
    was worth a squirt. Can't remember her name.
    Is Gus still living?
  4. Some lads from 40 Cdo kidnapped him IIRC. Or just a Corps myth?
  5. Yep he lives in Flambards theme park.
  6. Judi Spiers, works on local radio. Funniest Chrimbo was when she was pissed and someone kept goosing her under the table.
  7. I believe that one to be true, though the versions I have heard suggest those responsible were bootnecks attached to 29. There are other stories about what Gus got up to when separated from the grown-ups, but what happens in the bunkspace stays in the bunkspace.
  8. He read my birthday out when I was a nipper. Now, that Judy Spiers, I remember hearing a few stories about her but they're probably more suited to Lils
  9. Gus was introduced to several matelots from the old Ark who were invited to be part of the audience for a Miss Westcountry competition.
    Gus was being goosed by Ms Spiers who in turn stood next to a stoker who had one of those insatiable smirks on his face,his right hand and wrist hidden from view, but Julie still smiled on rather uncomfortably. Needless to say that when the girls were paraded there were quite some unsavoury remarks, all however appreciative of the female contestants. "Get your lagging orf" etc. Watched the final broadcast but it had been heavily censored.
    "A rabbit I've seen on Westward TV
    Whose waggling ears often facinate me
    Although I cant say I now how they work
    I still love to see them go up with a jerk" Happy Birthday off-les aura 60 yesterday :-D
  10. I remember the dit about her and the guzz field gun crew but always put it down to jack and his fantasies.
  11. Cheers mate. Missed you down the Godolphin Club last night - were you having your bag changed? :-D
  12. I'm sure I recall there was a story in the tabloids about her antics? News Of The Screws, perhaps?
  13. Always wondered why the Devonport "Flying Angel" was always grinning.

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