No more Paras?, What should take its place?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Sniffle-Snaffle, Dec 22, 2006.

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  1. Since the suspension of para training, I was thinking the Army should have the Commando's brought back, I mean WW2 style(I dont mean khakis, enfields n stuff:lol:).

    Mercenary Units?

    Or maybe the Glider Pilot Regiment, It would be fun doing a 'Binnie' into enemy territory.
  2. If the small brain cell recalls RM was out for the chop a while back until the Falklands kicked off we did lose 41CDO did we not.

    Five years without para training then the paras have to go jump from the skies again. Jumping as a stick is fine, battalion strength or larger is something else Think they had the same idea mothballing Tornadoes then bring the jockeys out couple of times a year to keep fresh.

    And are our friends on the continent doing the same.
  3. Commados arnt mercenaries, mate, they never have been.
  4. I know that man, They are just a bunch of any soldiers, They dont have to be 'Elite' but they still take part in a special operation. Bit like 'The Wild Geese'.

    They take ANYONE as long as they perform well, Even men from a crappy unit like the QLR/Kings etc.

    Could still match the Marines/Paras?.

    The WW2 Army Commandos cap badge Had SS and Dagger between them. Say we bring it back too.

  5. When was the last time the paras actually parachuted into anything?

    Is parachuting still a useful way of insertion ?

    I'm not being funny, I don't know.
  6. Think that you may be getting films confused with reality.
  7. Movies, Whatever :? :lol: .

    Seriously, Army Commandos did some daring missions like the one where they crashed a ship packed with C4 Explosives into a french dock, I think they should be revived if the Paras get disbanded.

    However, They would not be extreme as the SAS. Thier training could maybe be the same as the Paras/Marines?

    Howabout mixing Para training with Marine training? Or train them the same as back in WW2?
  8. Why disband one group and replace it with another similar group?
    I think that you will find that the training given during WW2 was nowhere near as long and intense as the training a Royal Marine currently does to qualify for his beret.
    Methinks that you have been reading too many war comics.
  9. Lamri in answer to your question Suez comes to mind. I`m not sure about sniffle, a Walt? he`s getting his imagination mixed up with reality.
  10. When I joined up at Raleigh most people were reading war comics, normally commando ones. In fact Got in Himmel schweinhunt, I learnt all me German from them. Often wondered what happenned to them when they were finished with. Perhaps Sniffle can enlighten me
  11. Thanks H, I thought it was yonks ago but didn't want to put my foot in it :oops:

    Which begs the question, are they needed ?
    Can't they be airborne inserted without the para bit ? Or would that be a bit of a misnomer?
  12. You`re quite right slim, tho you do have an advantage over me cos you would have had the ones with pictures in.
  13. My old REME mates used to say "Once a para hits the ground he's just infantry"
    Shouldn't think it would take too long to teach infantry to jump!
  14. The reason for the suspension of Para parachute training is all about money, they won't replace it with anything because that will cost a lot of money too.
  15. Mein Gott ze answer is correct. Ze pictures helped me bocome fluent in kraut. Shnell Shnell comraden
  16. Don't know if sniffle is a walt, but he certainly knows how to win friends and influence people.
    Take thisclever comment here.
  18. Might I suggest that we deny this c*ck-stowage the oxygen of publicity.
  19. what a cock
  20. please get the name of the dock right, dont just say that they crashed it into any french dock its kind of disrespectful, the dock was called St Nazaire, and i dont think they would have been using C4 back then. And some of the training carried out today in the RM's is still the same as ww2 or they have just modified the training but is still modelled around that of the past.

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