No more Navy Days.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by pompeyexpat, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. I liked the comment about a single ship (the Navy) not being able to be two places at once! :lol:

    I think someone should pass that on to Gordon!
  2. Also if you live in the Smoke you have a chance to visit HMS Exeter at the Boat Show until next week sometime before she disappears to sunnier climes for a couple of months
  3. You beat me to it i was just about to say that lol. So anyone on her going on sunday this week and sunday the following. :thumright:
  4. I am going this Sunday to see the boy on there,so he better have a few tins ready!! Also we get free tickets into the show as they have put 1,000 tickets aside for families and guests of the Exeter.
  5. I will be at the show on that day aswell as driveing a RIB around the docks, so look out for me. :thumright:
  6. So what will "Meet your Navy" entail then?
    Let me guess, exactly the same as Navy Days but it sounds a bit more user friendly ? (I wonder which Ex Admiral got a pocketful for THAT piece of imaginative thinking :roll: )
  7. Less work for the duty watch over the bank holiday weekend.
  8. Do they still let the civvies below decks nowadays? I remember Navy days in the 80s and we'd have people below decks, being shown HQ1, the MCR etc. I wonder if that still happens in todays heightened security?
  9. Ihope not.
  10. u sure your not from iran ?
  11. The very last time I was in a RIB (in the RNXS) I... er... slipped over the side when... er... stepping ashore. My No 8s got a good wash though :thumright: I'm ashamed to admit that I was COMPLETELY SOBER at the time! :oops: :oops: :oops:

    As they say... THERE'S ALWAYS ONE! ^_^;

    Have a couple of pints before you step into the bloody thing....... :lol: ... oh yes, and don't forget your iPod! ;)

    Have fun!

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