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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by waveyourflag, Jul 13, 2010.

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  1. anyone who goes on my profile will notice that i have asked a question on nearly everything, but after, alot of thinking i have decided that marine engineering is for me, i recently got back from my ICP and am soon to send of my app form, and since i wont be sent off till at least 18months, i have booked a place doing lvl1 engineering at a local college for a year to pass the time and to give myself a heads up :D, thanks for all the questions you lot have answered, it has been most useful
  2. Good choice and the course at college will not only pass the time productively but will help when you get to Sultan. Trust me on this, it will make the Sultan course so much easier and build your self confidence in the workshops and classroom when you get there.

    Well done
  3. fair play to you.

    but thank **** you've finally chosen something 8O :wink:
  4. No need to leave so soon, wyf ...........

    You will have other questions .............. don't forget, you have a test and an interview still to do .......

  5. Best of luck buddy, I'm doing the same during my wait, I'm going to college to redo my GCSE Maths.

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