No more Ginsters for the RAF

This should really be in CA..... but it will be much more fun in Lil's!

RAF fatties ordered to lose their excess cargo | The Sunday Times

As an aside I have a mate, no an acquaintance, no a friend of my wife's husband who was in the RAF. He is a tad podgy and was while serving. He was dragged out of his comfy UK office kicking and screaming and sent to Iraq in a management job, him being a Sgt. Lasted a few weeks before being CASEVACd home. Not shot. Not blown up. In fact not actually injured. It was just that due to his weight his blood pressure went up to something like 220!

RAF - gotta love 'em!
The fellow in the photo is/was a member of the Air Cadet Force rather than a serving member of the Crab Air. I have this on good authority from another member whom I happen to know.
Fishhead ... the Fat Bastard is still a Fat Bastard, whoever he is or whoever knows him.

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Not only is he a fat bastard, he's a scruffy fat bastard is that a bit of good old blue roll to catch the sweat of marching a few paces or his shirt?

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