No more gash wets!

The science bit is correct but the special tea sounds like a scam. On boats we frequently had a nice film of oil on the surface of your brew.

Nukes don't use RO plants though, they have the old style steam evaps.
I believe reverse osmosis relatively new for RN warships, (compared to say, Leanders for instance), but not being ME, I wouldn't know much about the mineral content of water produced by evaps.
Perhaps there is something in this idea but I remain sceptical.


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Utter tripe. Smart marketing, gullible market. Free advertising for your oppo.

RO plants have been in use for twenty or thirty years and no-one has required "special" tea because of it.

I'd argue that the old evaps reduced salinity to under 5ppm (it needed to be that pure to stop scale build-up on the boiler tubes). RO plants reduce it to no more than 1000–1500 ppm. It used to be claimed that the lack of calcium in the water caused bones to soften but I don't recall bendy bones when spending 100+ days at sea, either. The only thing we did notice was the water began to taste of kelp (seaweed) whilst circling the Falklands for prolonged periods....if you can taste kelp, there is no shortage of minerals in your oggin.

Before a ship leaves the wall, we top-up with local "tap water". It would take many weeks continuously at sea to significantly reduce the mineral content enough to alter the taste.

Wonder if the company managed to sell "special" coffee too?


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I always thought Naffi/Pussers tea and coffee was sweepings off the floor, now KI that was a different drink altogether when made properly.
Utter dogshit, Not 100% on what the new RO plants use but the Pall Rochem that were on the 23's, used to pass the water back through a tank filled with minerals. If this pure water was fed to the crew they would all have the trots, but the main reason for the tank was to stop the water robbing the minerals from the CuNi pipework.

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