no more fun!

Shucks - giving cats pills is no fun any more. You used to have to swaddle them in towels, jam your fingers between their fangs, prise fangs open, tilt head back, drop pill down cat's throat (a 3rd hand useful at this point) close mouth to stop cat spitting it out, force mouth to stay shut and stroke throat to make cat swallow (a 4th hand even more useful) ...

these days all you have to do is pop the pill in a teaspoon of food (Recovery Food) that is so flippin' delicious the cat gobbles it up and wants to eat the spoon ...

now where's the fun in that I ask you?

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War Hero
Best way is to administer the pill externally …ramming it home with a blunt stick……

Oh, and don`t forget to wear heavy duty motor cycle gloves …crash helmet and goggles…..

Hope this helps..
I find that when the pussy posse need medication I simply have to visit my rather lovely Antipodian vet, who charges extortionate amounts to do this. But he is simply so scrummy I don't mind.
After getting said fangs embedded in said hand I learned to do it the safe way.

Take medication and divine in four.

Consult bank manager.

Take piece of fillet steak and cut up into easily eatable lumps.

Take scalpal and make a small, deep incision in four pieces of said steak.

Using forceps, place once pill segment into each piece of meat. Mix medicated and unmedicated meat together in cat bowl*, with strawberry juice flavoured single cream in the other dish.

Thank bank manager for loan.

*Cat bowl for special cats.... Yes I have one of these! :)