No more aip?

Discussion in 'UPO' started by Marzipan, Sep 23, 2015.

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  1. The aip is going in december, we were always told to take your 2nd you have to get your 2's ticket? Obviously not gonna happen by december, anyone know if this is cemented like in a br or just something thats been implemented locally? Would like to take it before they get rid if i can.
  2. If you have a 2nd AIP you have to take it. Where/when AIPs are awarded for each branch I have no idea.

    The problem was you were, in some cases, allowed to save up AIPs and cash them when you wanted - generally at the start of a new rank. This was seen as 'unearned pay' by the Treasury, and they wanted rid of it.
  3. For the benefit of the curious PSOF contingent, could someone please explain 'AIP' ?
  4. Accelerated incremental payment, basically when you reach a carreer milestone, ie ops check, you can take an aip which jumps your yearly incremental pay level one up immidiately
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  5. For Ratings Pay 2000 brought in 2 pay bands, high and low, and multiple levels for each rank. For example CPO (non-tech) had 9 levels, CPO tech had 7 because the top 2 were only available to WO2 until recently. When promoted you started on whichever pay level gave you a min 2% pay rise from your pay in your previous rank. Each year on your Incremental Base Date you then go up a level, ostensibly to mark greater experience and hopefully greater competence. Within this each Rating had 2 AIPs or Accelerated Incremental Progressions. These were available for use but in a number of cases tied to achieving certain milestones in your training and gave what they say. The opporunity to go up a level early. I got one when I passed for CPO which meant I went up a PO pay level even though I'd only just gone up one. Effectively a double pay rise. In the new employment model pay scheme which will come in soon I believe there will still be levels but no AIP for the reasons previously stated.

    I'm not sure if our officer colleagues got AIPs.
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  6. VMT for those explanations.
  7. I thought it was Air Independent Propulsion, don't tell the others though!
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  8. I'll keep it between ourselves & Cox'n Banks. ;)
  9. Nope - no AIPs for us.
  10. there is a publication in which you cn find out when you are avail, For my branch - i get one when eligible for PO, and second when i become a PO, so not happening as i only got my killicks this year. However branches like WS, they get both as an AB
  11. The criteria for claiming an AIP's for are listed in BR3 which can be found in publications on the RN website.
  12. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Hmmm.... any chance of a backdate of 41 years?
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  13. To reiterate - there will be increment levels, just not annual ones.
  14. Oh thats alright then... ;-)

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