No Medical History in the UK and A Surgery Abroad?


I am in the process of my application and just had the medical triage phone call with Capita.

Now here's the problem. I only registered with a UK GP a year ago right after relocating to the UK. I am British but was born abroad and lived there for 19 years.

I had a Laporascopic Cholecystectomy when I was 10. This was 10 years ago and was still living abroad at the time. So the surgery took place abroad. No further complications since then. I have no medical records with me currently and now that I'm living in the UK, I have literally no medical history with my current GP. How will this affect my application?

Ta in advance!


It might be useful to hand any medical records you can obtain from your other country of residence, to your UK GP. That can include things such as your history of vaccinations, which I do think they like having on hand. While you're at it, it's also a good idea to get any criminal records checks from your other country ready.

I'm curious which country you stayed in for so long.

Ultimately, it can always affect your application in terms of delays, since they need the information they request, one way or another I suppose.


HAHA thanks for the replies guys! Got a good laugh out of them like :p

Update: Was able to obtain my medical records and a police clearance cert from the PH. Will be doing my face to face medical a week from today :)
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