no income tax on active service!!

Discussion in 'Petitions' started by sweet_feet, Feb 11, 2008.

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    A friend of mine has just started this government petition to stop service personell on active service being income taxed, It would be really appreciated if you could sign up!

    The link is:


    edited as my spelling was appalling! :oops:
  2. No hope in hell even if voted for by 100% of the nation, so I think I will pass on this one.
  3. Well 1st question - what does he mean by active service? (for the RN does this mean at sea?) As above - complete waste of f*cking time :thumright:
  4. As far as i'm aware yes.

    I apologise if its a waste of time, he asked me to put it on and i couldnt really say no, I did say it's never gonna happen ! :dontknow:

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