No Hot Bunking for WRNS on Boats

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Dec 4, 2010.

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  1. Many are called,few are chosen,however look forward to reports from the first at sea mess dinner!
  2. WRNS?

    Shouldn't this be in the History forum? :wink:
  3. they will need to recruit quite a few. Id imagine they accommodate them like on skimmers by filling a whole mess deck with woman. not so practical in the short term id imagine!

    does this mean the canteen stock will have lots of nutty substituted for feminine products?? There would be outrage!!
  4. first picture - the one on the right seems to think she is at a Nuremburg Rally :)
  5. The boots on those two 'females' are a bloody disgrace, still sign of the times I expect.

    As for them serving on boats, who gives a shit one way or the other.
  6. The female on the left is holding an old Wren's cap, they're obsolete now
  7. Sexism
  8. one thing they do all have in common

    they would all 'get it'!
  9. Bunks Wafu Style :wink:

  10. I am a bit disappointed to see that the messdeck table has not been painted in the uckers board style.
  11. What hotel was this, look quite tolerable, did they have running water? :D
  12. You would require 2 large brown paper bags, one for yourself just in case their one split. :roll:
  13. Boards in my locker, with dice and pieces :wink:
  14. Big "E" might be Slims old mess?? :wink:
  15. When did you serve in her, I always seemed to see her around wherever I ended up.
  16. not my mess deck... mine was on the Vic :lol:
  17. Negatory Finks

    i would of course get blind drunk first or

    do it sober but for the Corps!

  18. That would be an example of Royal's courage in the face of adversity then?
  19. [​IMG]

    Just for you scouse.
    South slip/Fountain Lake Pompey Christmas 67

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