No Burdens Promised in Defence White Paper


War Hero

Cuts in the Armed Forces are not going to mean heavier burdens for those left, according to the Government in the Defence White Paper.

“It has been a fundamental principle of current expenditure“ said the Defence White Paper, “that reductions in capability, whether in manpower or equipment, must be accompanied by reductions in the tasks imposed by the commitments that we require the Armed Forces to undertakeâ€

“We have no intention of allowing a repetition of the situation which existed in 1964 when, because of the lack of balance between the military tasks and reductions, our forces were seriously overstretchedâ€

Navy News, March 1968


Lantern Swinger
Sounds very familiar. Could almost only need to change the dates and it'd fit perfectly. Looks like they don't learn and keep getting away with what they can because they can.
Incidentally, a Labour government then as well.

Cynical, anyone?