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No Brussels on Bulwark

It's true, the stewards were saying we could only have poached or hardboiled eggs because the skipper didn't like fried ones... didn't know about the sprouts though.


War Hero
Heard of the sundodger ban on oxtail soup, but never anything like this - has anybody come across any banned food before ? :? :?


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tiddlyoggy said:
I'm sure that this is a joke, orifice humour at its best.
If this is not a joke .It shows what ******* we have running todays navy .this is just like charlie boy if he does not like or like .We have got to reciprocate


War Hero
What a power crazed cock he is and just what right does he have to say what his ships company can or cannot eat? Hope the twat chokes on his next pink Gin.


War Hero
Sorry, but who would take anything said by somebody called 'Wayne' seriously?

It's a wind-up [flatulance] at best


Maybe because there could be some dignitories or vip's onboard he know jack too well and they would go out of their way to drop one in the vicinity of anything 'posh'.


i would have thought, that with the recent horrifiying story about that nursery assistant, they would have found something else to put on there front page.


Not as bad as when they stopped serving grog but bad enough, he should be taken away by the men in flapping white coats as he is obviously a few bricks short of a full load.


Lantern Swinger
Who gives a flying f£$k if he banned brussels sprouts. If he had banned steak night, or pizza then that would have been an issue, but sprouts are one of those foodstuffs that never shift off the counter anyway. I only took a few boxes of them to sea and always came back with them as well. I stopped courgettes and gash bag weights being taken to sea as they never shifted either - because no bugger likes them. He may have a daft name, but his decision is fairly logical, even if the reason why he did it is not!


War Hero
I know it's "his" ship but what would happen if he didn't like, say, milk or bread or beans or something?

Complete knobhead :tool:


War Hero
Pity his ideals do not work the other way in that if you hate a skipper or Jimmy you can have them removed or banned as well. :D
Captain Keble must be a fan of 'Blackadder'. Am I the only one to see the humour in his words about sprouts being 'the Devil's food' and the irony of some of the po-faced reactions expressed here and elsewhere? From episode five of 'The Black Adder' (link):

Blackadder said:
Witchsmeller: I (??), My Lord. (??) you have a horse called Black Satin?

Edmund: Yes.

Witchsmeller: Yes, and do you confess than on the thirtieth day of (Norris time?) you did say to this horse Black Satin, and I quote, "Satin, would you like some carrots?"

Edmund: Well, I might have done -- he likes carrots.

Witchsmeller: Carrots?

Edmund: (suspicious of the question) Yes, carrots...

Witchsmeller: But, ladies and gentlemen, we all know that carrots are the Devil's favourite food!

Percy: (stands) No! No, we don't. If the Devil likes carrots, why isn't it mentioned in the Bible, then? Why doesn't it say, "And He took the Lord up to the top of an high mountain and offered Him a carrot"?

Edmund: Yes, why isn't "Thou shalt not eat carrots" in the Ten Commandments?

Witchsmeller: IT IS!

(The crowd cheers)

Witchsmeller: (opening his Bible) The Ten Commandments of (Jeremoth?), in the Appendix to the Apocrypha: "And the Lord said unto the children of (Bedinibott?), `Neither shalt thou eat the fruit of the tree that is known as the Carrot Tree'."

Baldrick: Carrots don't grow on trees!

Witchsmeller: Oh really? And how did you get to know so much about carrots, eh?

(The crowd laughs)

Witchsmeller: WITCH!

(The crowd gasps)


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Book Reviewer
Naval_Gazer said:
Captain Keble must be a fan of 'Blackadder'. Am I the only one to see the humour in his words about sprouts being 'the Devil's food' and the irony of some of the po-faced reactions expressed here and elsewhere?

Exactly why I thought it was a joke.
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