No action against crash officer

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Apr 27, 2007.

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  1. In this case justice has been done. The officer was doing his job, if the scroats hadn't been stealing cars then they would be alive today.
    Natural justice has also ensured that the scum involved will never commit another crime. Standing by for incoming from the do good members.
  2. Well I have to agree I'm afraid. They sole someone's car, and then proceeded to drive at high speeds, ultimately they suffered the consequences of their actions. Nuff said!
  3. Another drain on the Exchequer avoided!
  4. Hang on mate! I dispute the high speeds bit. It is a Metro we are talking about! :lol:
    About as much speed as a fair ground dodgem and as much crash protection as a wet cardboard box.
    Everything we do has a price, not always the one we were thinking of paying.
  5. Totally agree there, I had heard that the parents of the children were considering suing the officer, if anything the Officer should be suing them for the distress their offspring have put him through!

    When that driver began to speed away from the Police he knew he was risking his life and the lives of those in the stolen car, and those who got in the car, they knew it was stolen, and with that they knew they were risking their lives the second they stepped into the car. I think we should be thankful that the idiot behind the wheel didn't kill any innocent passers by.
  6. It really annoys me when the parents of these kids start blaming everyone but the kids. They really need to look into the mirror, perhaps then they may recognise the main person who is to blame.
  7. Was this in Hastings? In which case enough said.
  8. Understand that lives were lost, but the scroats should not have entered into the bad guys world.Hate fcuking car thieves and "joy" riders. The officer was only doing his job in my opinion and was not the instigator of the crash. Why doesn't this teach others that it is not worth it? But I'm sure the pond life will continue to kill and maim for the "laughs". :evil:
  9. No incoming from me on this one , got what they deserved & at least no bystanders were involved , a result ,
  10. Shamed they hadn't crammed a few more in the Metro.
  11. Well that's five worthless pieces of shit removed from the gene pool…
  12. Maybe we should have some kind of genetic screening and shoot children who don't meet a certain standard of behaviour?
  13. This has been done became known as the you realy want to go there??????
  14. As a serial Liberal I have no problem with an officer who did his job. Just cos the driver and his friends were useless at their's, stealing cars, that is their problem and so it turned out to be.


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