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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by gruffman1, Jun 7, 2010.

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  1. Re: Weight loss

    the thing with wieght loss is that when u decrease you calories your body gets used to using that ammount of calories therfore you need to decrease more and more which is not advised, try interval training and anerobic training i.e bleep test boxing and other horribly evil exercise, hit the wieghts as wieghts burn more calories then running, and take up boxing or a team sport because you will have motivation from your team mates
  2. Re: Weight loss

    I want to make long strips of seasoned chitterlings out of your intestines.
  3. Re: Weight loss

    JJ - can I help?
  4. Re: Weight loss

    If you can write the death certificate to read 'died of idiocy', I would be most grateful. Cheers!
  5. Re: Weight loss

    You've seen doctors handwriting though JJ, get him to type it out so the word idiocy can be read by all!
  6. Re: Weight loss

    Good plan that man!
  7. Re: Weight loss

    Have I missed something or is it cool to be obnoxious these days? If you want to assert your machismo that's one thing, but what I was saying was from a running website, which said for the first 20 mins of running your body is burning 80 percent glycogen stores, and after that something like 80 percent fat stores.

    I can't see anywhere in your post that contradicts what I said, so I presume you're a fitness genius, and therefore we should all take your advice? That a quick mile run will burn more than a slow 3 miles?

    Hmmm... Makes pure sense to me!
  8. Re: Weight loss

    well i am only telling the truth from what i learned from my teachers in college who have by the way all have degrees in sports and sports medicine so screw u and ur ways of gettin little kicks by thinking ur the king hu knows everything which is proberly not the case

    i mean u proberly sit on ur computer troweling the internet lookin up stuff so can place it here in the forum like a little pathetic geek get a woman and get laid u surly need it
  9. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Re: Weight loss

    Gruffman, I think you must have problems with your keyboard, the letters appear to be all mixed up.
  10. Re: Weight loss

    Either that or his carer put a kink in his head-dobber.
  11. Ive been told by a couple of people that 23 mins is the point where your body starts to work off the fat, as you can tell i have no idea what im talking about, this is only what ive been told!
  12. It depends on the intensity of the exercise mate. Swimming tends not to really get you cooking lard until about 30 minutes in (on a normal 'lengths' session).

    Doing very intensive weights, or Tabata sprints can have you breathing out of your hoop and bleeding fat within 5 minutes
  13. Sprints it is for me then!
  14. 5 minutes of tabata rowing machine sprints tonight. Huzzah! at puking in the gym's litter bin! Whoop!
  15. It was epic- I had dried banana and bran flakes aswell. Gopping!

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