Now that I have your attention :D .........
I'm no more of a perv than anyone else, but I'm extremely puzzled as to why there's such an enigma attached to nipples!
I've got them, you've got them, we've
all got them, yet when there's a picture published in the press of a female who's nipples would otherwise be on display, they've been pixelated out! There's also a ban on posting pictures of these "offending articles" on social media lest some sensitive soul might have an attack of the vapours! Go to any beach in the summertime, and there are dozens of topless sunbathers in full view to anyone who cares to look, so what's the big issue? Other than the fact that they're the medium through which a mother nourishes her infant, there's little to distinguish between male and female versions of this bodily particle, except maybe a small difference in dimension.
I'd be interested to hear whether it's just me that wonders about this issue - it is the 21st century after all!

That is all ...........

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