Nintendo Wii Wiikey chips


Lantern Swinger
whats wrong with keeping it as bought?

I never really liked chipping the older nintendo (or playstations) it affected them in the speed department quite a bit.
Modchips usually work, but not always, the PAL I region is so small comparitively, there are sometimes video issues when playing NTSC based games, but no doubt there are plenty of PAL ISO's. There is support from the modchip maker but as you invalidate any warranty on your expensive console by fitting it I guess it depends how happy you are re-soldering and fault finding on a modern multi layer surface mount board should it go tits up.

Legal? I doubt it, but then if you want to emulate your whole N64 or SNES back catalogue and still have the carts, what other legal options are there? Not that we advocate law breaking here in the nerd room.....
How d'you do PSP's then? Got four Grandkids...costs
a fortune in games at Christmas and Birthdays....heard about
Supercards and Superpasses...but not sure about where to
get them, and do they work? TVM
A guy in work does the PSP mods. Involves using a specially prepared"magic battery" (yes no shit it is called that) to trick the PSP in to thinking its just been powerd up on the production line. You can then delete the operating system using a PC link to the PSP and install the "hacked" version, which doesnt have the copy protection system installed. Then buy yourself a decent sized memory card, ( I got 4Gb) and download any games you fancy to the memory card, and they will run from there no problem. You are still able to run your original UMD disks with no change. Its just a matter of finding someone to "do" the initial magic battery fix. All this is completely illegal and will invalidate your original manufacturers warranty, but at £30 to £40 a game wtf :thumright:
psp linky thingy at your own risk!! Dont try this yourself unless you know what you are doing!!!!
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