Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by Trigger_92, Sep 21, 2010.

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  1. Evening all :)

    Ive been toying with the idea since around the start of the year about taking up Ninjutsu. I was wondering if anyone has anyknowledge of Ninjutsu within the RN, and if not, how easy/ difficult would it be to take up whilst serving.

    Obviously Im not going to practice it for a year or two then scrap it completely, As I realise there is a big commitment needed to the art itself.

    Thanks in advance for any info anyone may have,

  2. I did Bujinkan Ninpo Taijutsu (a ninjutsu style) for 10 years. On reflection it's shite. Try Boxing, Speer technique (if you can find an instructor) or Krav Maga.

    You may enjoy a good MMA club aswell
  3. Cheers for the pointer JJ, I do really have my heart set on trying it out though. Theres something about the history of it all etc that makes it really appealing.

    Krav Maga has also been mentioned to me before, Ill have a look into it. But I really do have my heart set on Ninjutsu :p
  4. Trig

    I'm trying to dig up the link for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Martial Arts Association for you .........

    I have a contact in the Royal Marines/Royal Navy for TaeKwonDo, but it's not the same thing ..........

    In the meantime, I have dug this up for you - these guys might have more insight into this sort of stuff:
  5. Fair enough mate. Do please bare in mind that much of the 'history' of the thing is a modern invention from the early 1900s. Blood-lines and master-master scroll inheritance is largely bunkum. If you get a good instructor (there's a guy called Peter King in London who is superb) then I am sure you will enjoy it. It won't make you that much better at defending yourself for many many years.

    For Japanese historical interest I would be tempted toward Kendo/Iaijutsu (drawing a sword) or JuJitsu (which is basically what Ninjutsu is all about).

    Krav Maga, Systema and Speer are methods of quickly teaching someone to effectively protect themselves, and has no mythology surrounding it. They do have a genuine and proveable reputation for effectiveness.

    Also, and to add to Sol's advice, perhaps pick something that you be able to continue officially from within the Forces.
  6. Thanks for the soleil, It actually hadn't occured to search for clubs in and around portsmouth and plymouth :lol: Ill have a google and see whats about. I used to TaeKwonDo, But gave it up as I moved away from the club I was at.

    JJ, Again thanks for that wealth of info. The club Im looking at joining has a very good instructor, so im led to believe, and its located in the city centre, So its just a train journey for me. They only train two nights a week and the seniors train three nights a week. I have Emailed to find out more info about it before I do anything about it :)

    Believe it or not, It was actually when I was reading the book of a certain bootnecks life, That I first discovered Ninjutsu :D Had a quick look about when I did, and didnt really look into it properly.
  7. Hi Trigger_92, just been trawling through the old posts and found this. I don't know if you are aware but the RN has recently recognised Muay Thai aka Thai Boxing as an official sport. The main club is in HMNB Portsmouth with Gary Gregory as the main instructor. Muay Thai if you don't know (sorry if you do, not trying to teach you to suck eggs) is one of the main stand up arts used in MMA and is known as the art of 8 limbs (this being you use kicks, punches, knees and elbows). It is also the national sport of Thailand. If you haven't started training yet I would really recommend you give it a look as this is still a fledgling sport in the RN and needs all the support it can get, oh and training is free :). Any questions PM me and I will give you any advice I can.
  8. Just go to a local club and learn MMA.
  9. Ermmm Brin,

    Trigger rarely visits us at RR these days so do not expect his PM - Amongst his last couple of posts was this one:

  10. Go away for a few months.... don't back read all the posts and send someone a meesage who doesn't visit much anymore. Don't I feel like a [email protected]
  11. Not at all - At least you have drawn interest to the recognition of Muay Thai aka Thai Boxing, etc.
  12. Cheers mate, anything to help the causelol. If anyone in Devonport is interested there will be a grass roots lesson happening in May, with the potential of opening a club there later on in the year.

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