Ninja, the Dii assasin!


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Ninja post on Sol's thread about Protector is killing my internet connection every time. All other threads and posts seem to be normal. Is it my machine or has Ninja mounted a stealth cyber attack on my person?


War Hero
Always happy to be a hindrance, folks. 8)

Hmmn, wonder it the IGS gateway has been tweaked - it's oft been threatened?

I suspect it's got something to do with the pop-up adverts:

The Pompey Bugle has lots of annoying flash images on the link, plus the fact that this site is riddled with adverts that also appear on the latest post on a thread and I'm guessing Dii don't like it.
As I've posted on the Protector thread. I got a message saying Navy Net was not responding due to a long running script and did I want to stop the script, clicked yes and all was fine again. This was on my home 'puter.

Over to the IT geeks.

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