Nimrod crash

Bad news all round on this one, thoughts to families.

Also a, as usual press speculation without thought of people at home, will these people ever learn the consequence of their actions.
b, what the effin is there a helpline for, a well practised routine exists to inform families. Anything else is just got to be creating confusion & open to all and sundry always invites fruitloops.

Yet another grim time


Is it just me or does anyone else think the scumbag media should stick to reporting available facts rather than shoving their speculation and opinion down our throats?

While I'm on the subject of facts, why is the MoD so crap at handling the media? Put someone in MoD who understands the speed at which the media works these days and can therefore feed them facts as and when appropriate to do so. MoD Helpline? What shite, who was it supposed to be for?

I am so sorry for the families and loved ones of all concerned. They deserve much better all around.

RIP guys :cry:

My condolences to the families and relatives .

Have great respect for Nimrods and their crews.

WTF was a Nimrod doing out there anyway apart from that they have a very good in flight safety record.
Heavy heart when I read early on about the loss thinking at first it was a Herk. Condolences to the families and friends.

I read there was a bootie on board??

I think the last Nimrod loss was at the Toronto air show few years back??

Tragic and very sad.

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