Nimby neighbours war with SSAFA . WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by PartTimePongo, Jul 17, 2007.

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    Ladies and Gentlemen.

    Can I ask you to view this thread please. SSAFA have come up against considerable objection to purchasing a property for the use of visiting familes to Headley Court.

    At present, we're formulating a plan as to how we can best help SSAFA which is in this thread.

    Your comments and ideas will be more than welcome, but if I could please ask you to keep the turbines at idle? Which will be difficult, because reading the letters of objection will blow gaskets.

    We're trying not to lower ourselves to the level of the objectors.


  2. Re: Nimby neighbours war with wounded soldiers

    BUMP....because a few letters of approval would not come amiss gents.
    Given the integration in theatres of war between the services now, there will come a time [if not already] when Jack will need the services of this facility. Please take the time to read the link given by PTP. When push comes to shove we are all brothers in arms.
  3. Re: Nimby neighbours war with wounded soldiers

    Simple answer, if the local residents dont want it to be used for housing the families of those injured whilst fighting for their country (in case it affects their property prices) why dont SSAFA hire it out to either DSS to house the home less in or he Immigration Dept.....

    Wonder how fast the nimby mindset would welcome the forces families then OR we could just stage a mass peaceful demonstration - like the 'Broken Soldier' one in Trafalgar Square ???

    Cant we get the Local Press/MPs involved to act on behalf of SSAFA
  4. Re: Nimby neighbours war with wounded soldiers

    I well remember the objections to a Service Families estate being built in Parkwood in Gillingham in Kent back in the 70s, so this does not surprise me in the least.

  5. Re: Nimby neighbours war with wounded soldiers

    I really, really want to write something inciteful and clever, but I just can't, so.

    [email protected].

    Sorry, Thanks.
  6. Re: Nimby neighbours war with wounded soldiers

    Thanks for the bump Exile1 :)

    For those of you, who haven't the time to read through 27 pages...

    The original story is true, and the Mail aren't exaggerating, In fact if anything they have underplayed it.

    We need your support, we need to do our best as the serving and ex-serving community to help SSAFA achieve this very commendable aim.

    The Arrse thread is useful reference, as it exposes several other reasons why the objections may have been raised.

    Once again, we need as many people as possible from our side, to write to the council in support of SSAFA.

    I hope you can find the time to do so.


  7. I have just read the first 'objection' letter and find it totally abhorent. The reasons given for the residents objections just do not seem to fit in with the original application.

    If it is a small private road, how small is it if they are saying that in granting the multiple occupancy, the amount of traffic will greatly increase and so will business use in the area !!!!

    I wonder if these people have ever had to use facilities away from home near a hospital for example Great Ormond Street and how would they feel if it were another such street claiming that in allowing such use would inconvenience them ?
  8. 'When war clouds have gathered
    And danger is nigh
    God and the soldiers the nations cry
    When war clouds have departed
    And peace is sighted
    God is forgotten
    And the Soldier is slighted'

    Heard this many years ago, and it as relevant now as it was then.
  9. I often sit back and think at times why servicemen and women sign on the dotted when the scumbags back home kick off on things such as this!

    What kind of a person can object on the grounds of security when it is the armed forces that are giving them that security!

  10. Another approach - in which the hostile locals couldnt stop would be for SSAFA to 'sign the property' over to an individual and there partner (ie Manager & Nurse) who live at the house then invite families of those @ Headley Court to visit.

    That way the house continues to only have 1 resident family who have lots of friends and if as one of the caring locals suggest, they block the 'private road' im sure a visit fro a serving memebr of the Armoured Brigade and his 'Company Car' would assist in moving said blockade......
  11. This really does make me angry. Over the last few years Headley Court has had to unfortunately grow massively. It's great that SSAFA are doing this for the families, just galling (though not surprising) that the neighbours are pushing back.

    I would suggest that Headley Court make their displeasure known by cancelling the annual Cricket match with the village. I know it's a small thing, but it's the kind of thing that hits home with people like that.
  12. Guys, can I ask you to channel your anger into letters of support for the proposal?

    MVC are putting them up as soon as they receive them, and there are some very good ones going in.

    Contact details are in my post above.


  13. Bin my suggestion - I should have read the article more closely, it's in Ashtead, not Hursley village.

    I'm still a little dubious about the story, given it's source.
  14. If the road has been tarmacked by, or has been adopted by the local council, I rather suspect that it would be illegal for one of the residents to block it - I wonder if this has been checked out yet?

    But I do rather take to your idea of the Armoured Brigade company vehicle.. lol :thumright:
  15. Appeals for or against the proposal seem to have disappeared from the MVC website. Could be lack of space i suppose or is this just getting a bit hot for them?
  16. What I would like to do is to put representatives from the residents in a hall and one by one to stand up and explain to injured service personnel why it is wrong for their families to stay in a comfortable house when travelling long distances to visit them. I would then like to hear the response from the injured service personnel.

    Just a thought, how much money does Headley Court put into the local economy and could it not be redirected elsewhere - just imagine the outcry when those nice big Army Transporters start rumbling through those 'quiet' villages :)
  17. Part Timer,

    Could you read some of the letters of reference on the planning application? The link is in my post. If anything, the Mail underplayed the story.
  18. Unfortunately you can't read them because as I just pointed out and for what ever reason - they aint there any more!
  19. No they're back up now, following a server outage.
  20. I agree they can't be seen at present, we do lnow they are having some IT problems, probably through the level of interest generated by the objectors attitude to the proposals, do persivere, I read a representative sample yesterday and the Daily Wail seems to have let them off lightly

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