Did it in '02. Awesome. Recomend it to anyone. Was amused by all locals bringing couches out into street to watch us all march/bimble past.


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I did it back in 2000 with the CCF, a week after getting back I went to Raleigh.

Tried in vain during the next six years to get an RN team together.


I'm off to Nijmegen this coming July (2013) and was wondering if anyone else out there was going. It would be good if there were a few more from RN, RM, RNR, SCC, etc.
all the best ... From a seasoned nijmegen walker and "bish" ... May see you at RAF Cosford (qualifying) or in Nijmegen.

Blessings to you all ... Trev-the-Rev (that's what some of our younger members call me).

If you are interested in the walk but are too late for the military entry ... Or want to walk with family members then contact the British-Dutch Walking Fellowship at British-Dutch Walking Fellowship