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I recall a killick writer doing the march when I was based at HQAFCE Fontainebleau back in 1960/61


Did it in '02. Awesome. Recomend it to anyone. Was amused by all locals bringing couches out into street to watch us all march/bimble past.


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Are you having a problem with your keyboard ETME?
The key for CAPITAL LETTERS is on the left, between 'Caps Lock' and 'Ctrl', and the comma and full-stop are in the same row towards the right, just past the 'M'.



I did it back in 2000 with the CCF, a week after getting back I went to Raleigh.

Tried in vain during the next six years to get an RN team together.


I'm off to Nijmegen this coming July (2013) and was wondering if anyone else out there was going. It would be good if there were a few more from RN, RM, RNR, SCC, etc.
all the best ... From a seasoned nijmegen walker and "bish" ... May see you at RAF Cosford (qualifying) or in Nijmegen.

Blessings to you all ... Trev-the-Rev (that's what some of our younger members call me).

If you are interested in the walk but are too late for the military entry ... Or want to walk with family members then contact the British-Dutch Walking Fellowship at British-Dutch Walking Fellowship


Thanks ... Are you from TS Acorn at Waltham Forest? In any case I'll see you all at Heumensoord and on the way round. If you see me sagging a bit, pick me up and carry me please! All the bet.


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There used to be a smaller version for predominately UK Forces based around the Chichester area / South Downs. At the time I was in Collingrad, so it may have been late 70s. I remember we all slept in Army tents in the grounds of an old hospital or asylum! The walk itself was a jolly wheeze, then we all had to parade/march/bimble through the town. It was (I think) a precurser or qualifier for Nijmegen.

More than happy for the record to be corrected!


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Yep, that's the one! Once you'd said the magic word (or abbreviation to be precise!) RMP, it all fell into place.

Obviously we did the gold one - walked for hours!


Re the RMP Chichester March, Happy Days; it used to be on the first Sunday in August, an excellent atmosphere. I've a drawer full of the old medals (most of them Gold but a few early days Silver), I was such a sad git even in those days that I also have some of the videos made by the RMP. It seemed that thousands of competitors took part in those days and it was a really good atmosphere, many familiar faces year in year out. Although it stopped many years ago (RMP no longer at Rousillon Barracks, the site now being redeveloped), the Rotary Club of Chichester have resurrected a version of it, now held in July - here's the link if anyone is interested Home
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