Nijmegen Marchs

Discussion in 'Charity' started by Arcadain, Jul 2, 2007.

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  1. Evening all, I would just like to post a link to my "Just Giving" page and hopefully raise a few quid for the Cancer Research UK Gang. The event I am partaking in is the Vierdaagse, or 4 day marches in Holland.

    The website for this event is,

    I hope you will all dig deep and help raise funds for Cancer Research UK by sponsoring me, and I'll hopefully get some pictures up for it during the event and afterwards of my feet etc :D:D. Thanks again all.
  2. Evening everyone. I would jsut like to bring it to your attention tat I'm off to Holland on SAturday for the walks and to say thanks to everyone who has donated and ask again for people to please donate money to Cancer Research UK by Sponsoring me.

    SO once again, thanks to all those who have donated, and thanks to all those who are going to donate.
  3. Hope his feet aren't too sore - go for it! :thumright:
  4. Always wanted to the Nijmegen March let me know how you get on see if the other half will let me go next year!
  5. hope pictures or news will be posted soon - unless a certain person hasn't been able to get back - hard to walk with webbed feet :)
  6. Back and finished it. Yey. Only bad thing about it was I was stuck in a room full of Crab Police who only talked about bumming and ripping the piss out of each other and thought I had PTSD cause I was sleep talking saying "Wheres my Rifle". ??

    Had a few dark moments where I wanted to quit but just trudged on after I got an emergency sugar rush in me in the form of Fanta or Coke.

    Memorable moments where on the 3rd day when I actually found out Holland had a couple hills. Oh and apparently some Brigadier put a bet on that we wouldn't get in on time on the third day... Then we arrived 50 minutes early :D:D.

    I'll write more as I remember it because to be honest I think my mind has tried to blank most of it out.

    Just a ******* pity the ******* Estonians are still here and I won't get in my own ******* god damn bastard ******* fuckwit wanking pit for another ******* week bastards **** sake **** ****.
  7. I used to think that travel broadened the mind - until I read this!!!!!!!!!

    Well done anyway
    - :party:

  8. Once a year I walk a forty mile challenge and can remember every detail and person I spoke to on the way. Are you sure you trained enough for this walk. Remember train hard and walk easy.
  9. Well done Arc, I put a $10 note in a NZ Cancer Research tin yesterday with your 'name' on it. :w00t: :thumright:
  10. Probably didn;t train enough for it to be honest. The main thing I can remember is the chef in the team taking a minin power trip and calling out the timimgs all day every day which got on my goat a little. But looking back on it it was all good fun.

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