Nijmegan Marches

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Billy_Bailey, Jul 7, 2006.

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  1. A certain Submarine was entering a team into Nijmegan this year which i was part of. This is the first time a boat has ever entered a team and the lads have put in a lot of effort with training and getting us all ready to go. We had to qualify at RAF Cosford which we had to march 50 miles in 2 days. We took the land sponsored trophy which was for the best Army team. We were the smartest team there by far and we felt really proud to of completed it and was looking forward to the big one in Nijmegan. The other day we had a team meeting and was told that we would not be going because the Army had put us on the reserve list. The whole team is gutted as we know we are better than any of them and we all feel well seen off. We think this has been done out of spite. Thanks alot pongos.
  2. If that is the case the that just plain sucks royal cock!
    Fcuk them, go and do it anyway and thrash their yellow asses.
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Just turn up and compete as an unauthorised team, should piss a few off
  4. Agree , just turn up and Fxxk them , :twisted: :roll: , just to piss them off
  5. Would it be possible to fill us in with more details, including you boat's name? The reason for asking is that those of us who are long ago retired are in a position to write to our MPs about this. It may to too late to help this year but it may ensure that this situation does not repeat itself! Then there is the press...
  6. Thanks for your support lads. Bonoedge was also taking part. I will give you more infomation when i find out what is going on i will also post some phots of us in cosford in the near future.

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