Nightmare at RAF Cranwell

Hello everyone I've been reading posts for a while now,and decided to finally sign up and get amongst it.

I'm applying to be a RN Aircrewman and attended my aircrew medical today at Cranwell. However it was cut short due to a power cut which sent the whole base into the dark ages. They had me and 2 other applicants wait around for two hours to see if the power came back on. (The others were lucky enough to have finished everything and go home).
Unfortunately they never got the power back on and we got sent home, so now I have to make a 6 hour round trip AGAIN! just to do a bloody eye test.

I must be jinxed because when I was there for my FATS we had a fire alarm go off half way through and, we was stood outside for half and hour in December freezing my bollocks off!

Anyway that's how my day been, enjoying the train ride home now.
Peace out!
Wait until you're balls deep in the salty stuff, winter and a hurricane blowing and three hours to end of watch. Just relax and wait, it'll all be worth it in the end. The best jobs generally are. And best of luck, eventually. :cool:

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