Night of the long knives.......or filibustering?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Flagdeck, Mar 7, 2013.

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  1. The malcontents were muttering out loud before Eastleigh and last Thursday's result has convinced them they are right.However,that is a long way from unseating Cameron and I expect little or nothing will come of it unless they can find some hero to be a "stalking horse" and put in a leadership challenge.
  2. I think I'll reserve judgement until after the budget. After last years dogs breakfast Osbourne needs to 'win friends and influence people'. If he fails, the umbilical chord connection to Cameron could prove a bridge too far for the 'No turning back' faction.
  3. Cameron's efforts are bound to be stymied as he's saddled with the Libdems diluting any policies. He has to negotiate his way through enough obstacles and is worthy of a bit of respect for saying what he thinks.

    Despite the fact he has a voice like a fanny, at least he has the balls to make some tough decisions. If anyone can point out a politician since 1990 who's done that it, please do .

    Better a politician state their case and risk opposition than kow-tow to popular opinion or sell the UK out further than it has been.
  4. Christ almighty. I agree with you, I feel sick.
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  5. Well I'll go to the foot of the stairs!.................oops, forgot....I now live in a bungalow....montgomery agreeing with taloolah.......nurse... my meds.... please.
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  6. We are seeing progress! Perhaps the lad isn't all at sea!
  7. Lad?

    **** off.
  8. Snigger!!!!!!!:laughing5:

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