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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, Jul 12, 2008.

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  1. I don't wish to sound cynical or heartless but Browns statement yesterday that we will give 50 million quid to Nigeria to help eradicate malaria is fine in practice but forgive me for asking:
    Is not Nigeria one one of the worlds top oil producers?
    Is not Nigeria corrupt beyond belief and guaranteed to hoover up most of any/all money coming in to the country as aid?
    To be truthful I'm tired of donating money to Africa and elswhere where it gets lost in bribes and corruption.
    I'd like all disease eradicated with our help if poss but where has the Geldof money gone,and the mumerous concerts that raised billions,I see no sign of improvement.
    There may be some but now we are asked to stop malaria,something that the oil revenues of Nigeria for ONE day could do.
    All we see is starvation of epic proportions surrounded by modern weapons/armies that our aid has paid for.
    I recently questioned an Oxfan director re. this and was told that they knew only a tiny proportion of aid got through the rest being stolen but he said a small amount getting there is better than none.
    well that's not good enough for me.
    Also China's UN blocking of Mugabe sanctions should be enough for us and the US to say,sod you! no Olympics unless you start behaving as decent people and to care for the opressed of Africa.
    bit of a rant I'm afraid but I see no sense in donating my taxes to a mega rich oil producer.
    I also have to ask how much is the EU donating?is France/Germany/Spain/Italy and the rest giving 50 million each also?don't hold your breath!
  2. So we are sending it over to them now!

    I always thought that they had to come here and sign on to receive financial aid from the British taxpayer.

    That money would be better spent on kit for our front line combat soldiers.
  3. I don't think it's cynical or heatless. I have for years refused to give to any charity that is not for use in this country. Sod em all.
  4. Agreed.
  5. I couldn't agree more. In Brown's inaugural speech as non elected PM he stated his intention to eradicate third world poverty and that he was willing to pay for it. I think he probably meant that he would ensure that we were going to pay for it. Well Mr Brown - I don't feel inclined to fund your ego, and what you see as your lasting legacy in history, I want my taxes spent sorting the shit out that you and your fellow members of your esteemed party have created in the last 10 years. You could start by replacing the criminally inadequate snatch land rovers that YOU are sending members of this country's Armed Forces against IEDs and mines for which the provide ZERO protection.
  6. Did I nod off for a few minutes as it appears that we may now be electing our Prime Ministers?

    The worrying thing is these people (No names no pack drill) have a vote and they do not appear to have a clue.
  7. In Brown's inaugural speech as non elected PM

    Is it not the party that selects their leader?

    Or have i been voting wrongly?
  8. If nothing else we are consistent as that woman is the non-elected head of state.
  9. You asked the right person then and got the truth, the reason only a tiny portion gets through is OXFAM syphon so much off themselves to pay directors extortionate rates of salary and company cars

    As a charity the staff should not need BMW's and Range Rovers, a simple SMART Car or Skoda would get them from home to office

    They roll out the old " you have to pay top income and perks, to get the quality of person that can raise the income" from the gullible public

    I know of old Grannys who raise millions voluntary for charity get paid nowt and some eventually receive an MBE,

    Oxfam is the last charity I would personally give to or buy from

    Jack McH
  10. Have to agree with that. I looked into the salaries of Oxfam and it is how you said "got to pay top to attract top" but when they get £25,000 pay rise to boost their already over inflated salary by that much is one of the reason I said the rest of the world can go to hell.
  11. No doubt by giving away such a large sum Brother Brown is hoping to court favour WRT to Nigeria's oil contracts????
    Perhaps 50 million paid to Fin to shut him up WRT the Royal family would be better spent. But then again give me a Long shank and I'll do it for free has a favour to all fine upstanding Englishmen!
  12. just as a rider to show I have a bit of humanity! I live in a small court, a dozen houses, and every month we do up a box of school books/pencils/pens in fact anything we think a child can learn with.Nothing expensive,calculators,reading glasses etc and off they go to a Ugandan Catholic orphange.
    I doubt even the worst of them could make a profit out of that lot and the nuns would see then off!
    Cash?not in a million years not any more.I want them to learn and they will with what we send to a degree but no more cash for arms or palaces.Enough is enough for me.
  13. Could he be yet another victim of the Nigerian 419 scam :thumright:
  14. gypquitacorrie, nice thought the 50 million but I don't really need it, as I am doing very well under this administration and will continue to do so if the eton cabal win the next one.
  15. I must confess that I had to think long and hard about whether to respond to someone who has so recently put down by a 14 year old, but anyway, I notice that you only wish to engage in the semantics, and not address the disgraceful behaviour of a Socialist Government that is prepared to send the members of this country's Armed Forces in harms way with woefully inadequate equipment. I am not aware whether you have any recent operational experience, I must admit I am doubtful, as if you had I'm sure that you would be only too aware of the emotions experienced living in tented accommodation, and patrolling in non armoured vehicles whilst being subjected to continuous non direct fire, because of the low priority this Government places the safety of its Armed Forces. If you are still serving I hope that you get all that you wish for.
  16. pastrdp, you made the right albeit predictable decision in responding. As we all know the enemy in Afghanistan have changed tactics as we will change ours. There are armoured vehicles in theatre and providing more is an ongoing business, sadly hundreds cannot be pulled out of a top hat. The decision to send out soldiers in a Land Rover is made by local commanders not HMG.

    What this has to do with Nigeria escapes me.

    'Put down by a 14 year old', now that ammuses me no end.
  17. So you've not actually done the job then, oh well the new England Manager will probably be grateful of any advice you can offer. I'm sure your armchair is perfectly armoured for the threat you personally face.
  18. gypquitacorrie, nice thought the 50 million but I don't really need it, as I am doing very well under this administration and will continue to do so if the eton cabal win the next one.
    Enjoy it whilst it lasts Fin, you might not be in such a good position if a different administration gets in next time.
  19. It's a swivel job just like yours.
  20. I am sure I will be even better off if they get in, as they do tend to look after people who are fortunate enough to be comfortable in the finance department.

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