Nigeria shuts down for key census


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The streets of Nigeria's main cities are quiet, as people have been told to stay at home and wait to be counted in the first census for 15 years.
The headcount is sensitive, as funding and political representation depend on the results but questions of religion and ethnicity have been left out.

There is frustration in many places that the process has started slowly.

Nigeria's president has stressed that the five-day census is not political and urged people to remain calm.

Nigeria is Africa's most populous country but estimates of its population range from 120 to 150 million
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Supposed to go there for a client this week, and for the first time ever I blew them out
No problem with Israel etc. But Nigerians are Nuts !!!
Crazy crazy place, anything goes (usually yer wallet) !!
Zulus, bloody thousands of em


Got to agree. Did my penance there in 1993/4. Every scam in the book and then some. It's the only place in the world I've been where Expats were reluctant to go on leave because of the corruption and hassle at the airport on the way out.

It used to be the garden of Africa but the oil industry has inadvertently discouraged food production because of their high wages so what food is grown in country is in the north and by the time it gets to the south it's useless.

Standard operating procedure really, oil companies DO pay money to them but as in most of the world, the big fat government types keep it all and let the average Joe starve.
Still, if only they could stop you getting raped at the airport by every man and his dog, more people might dare to work there..... won't hold my breath though.

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You see, I don't have to visit Nigeria to know what they are like.

I had a Nigerian stalker whilst I was living in the UK. It got to the extreme that the police had to sit out side my house during the night.

Thankfully after 4 months he buggered off, found out I didn't have to deal with him, another lass did. Local bill told be he was deported.

That really pee'd off his friends and didn't help me lol
I knew a good nigerian guy studying English in Guzz, he told me a story once....
Him and his mate were on a bus going from one town to another in Nigeria when they were stoped and kicked off the bus by bandits. They told everyone with money to seperate from the rest and robbed them.
They then proceeded to cut "poor" into the chests of the ones with no money with their knives. It is well known that bandits "rent" their guns from the cops, do a robbery and then give the guns and a percentage of the loot back to the cops.
What a shit pit !!!
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