Nigeria: Battle Line! UK to Declare War on Delta Militants

That was the headlines after Gordon Brown promised aid to the Negerian government:

Gordon Brown is being accused of preparing for a military adventure in Africa after he pledged to provide backing to the Nigerian security forces. His announcement prompted the collapse of a ceasefire in the oil-rich Niger Delta and helped to drive up crude oil prices on world markets.
Full story here

Also in a thousand newspapers and internet news sites.

Will this ****** ever get anything right.
Re: Nigeria: Battle Line! UK to Declare War on Delta Militan

I was in the Delta at a little village named Spiffstown on the Brass River. In the village is a statue dedicated to Brasso Spiff (a former tribal chief). Did a little research and found that there had been a battle there in 1895 when Royal Marines had landed from HMS St George and given the natives a thumping. Lieutenant Taylor RM had been killed there and several Booties wounded. Best not go back there, it's an ******** of a place. As the ditty ran - "White men beware of the Gulf of Benin; Few come out, though many go in " :thumright:

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