nicole Kidman, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Lantern Swinger
Nice one Blobby! The phot of her and her hubby looks like she's about to give him a 'hand shandy'.........lucky,jammy,lucky baaaaastard!!!!
I wouldn't kick her out of bed to get to you though Lamri!!

Lamri breathes a sigh of relief ...or was it a sob of bitter disappointment? :glomp: :crying:
Fair one mate. I'd feel just the same about you.

Seriously though - I think she would do for me nicely if the wife would only let me ...

All the cheering had been because her outfit was almost completely transparent and clearly showed the black thong and bra set underneath

With the thong I thought they were Singapore sandals and therefore difficult to wear around the crotch . Another thought , with conventional U/Ps we get skidmarks and sunflowers so what happens with thongs apart perhaps from a sore quoit ?
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