With the latest NOW exposure, will all nicknames have to be sanitised? In order to be PC what would your nickname become? I am known either as onions or springer (Leeks)

Keep Striving
Amongst other things I am known as

Give it some

Work it out for yourself


PS Plus "You old fat tosspot/wanker/C**t/git etc etc.
Been called Slim for more years than I can remember, nothing wrong with it in fact when you have been given a nickname it shows that you have been accepted.
As far as I am concerned the term Paki means someone from Pakistan, in fact it's just a shortened form of Pakistani. What is the difference between being called Paki, yorkie, Scouse, Brum etc. All these names mean is that this is the area where you came from.
Political correctness has ruined this once Great country.
Having a swarthy complexion I was known as 'Darky' how would that sit with todays PC nincompoops?

Call me that again mate and you will need to put your toothbrush up your arse to clean your teeth. =)
I was given mine by the other guys in the group. Seemed appropriate at the time and I don't see a need to change it.

By the way, why has it taken 3 years for Harry's remarks to be made public? Is there some real news someone is trying to hide at the moment?

I for one am sick of hearing the Muslim side jump up and down like a bunch of school kids in a playground when things are not going their way.
When they tell me to stop using the terms; Yank, Pole, Taff, Jock, Paddy, etc, or tell others not to call me a Manc', I will listen! So sod em!

Rant over.
An RN Wardmaster once told me about attending an Army mess function as a guest of his more senior Army wife. During the pre-dinner drinks, the PMC took him to task for referring to his wife as 'My old trout'. She immediately sprang to her husband's defence and said, "I've been proud to be his 'old trout' for over 20 years and no one's going to stop him now!"

(Apparently it's a long-established term of endearment somewhere 'oop north'.)
One of mine from the MOB days is Taffy cos I'm from Wales is it no difference to the name used for someone from Pakistan and the shortened verson used for them?


Lantern Swinger
I was told that the Paki tribe were the main tribe in Pakistan (Land of the Paki), Turkistan (Land of the Turks) Kurdistan (Land of the Kurds) Afghanistan (Land of the Afghans) etc.


Lantern Swinger
Mine at School was Nick (same as me dad in the FAA) but when I joined the RNR I became Jack (as in Nicholson Geddit?) as there was already a Nick Nicholson (Killick Wren Steward) on board.
Mine was "Huey" when I was a Pongo. Play on my second name and down to me making pavement pizza after a couple of beers in my younger days.

Looking at the RN site > Navy Slang > Naval Surnames it stands to be "Nosher" 8O
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