Nicknames in the Modern R.N.


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As an old fart who left the RN before many of you young thrusters were born I have a question.
In my day it was the norm that most of us ended up with a nickname, this was used to such effect that Christian names of many oppos were unknown.
We had the likes of Crash Evens, Buster Brown, Smudge Smith and the like.
We also had nicknames which referred to our bodies, normally taing the piss.
I was Slim and my mate was Twiggy, we were both porkies.Similarly a short guy would frequently be called Lofty and yes you've guessed that the Tall guy would be Shorty.
So in todays navy are nicknames the norm or the exception?
Has P.C. eliminated the nicknames that take the piss?
Are you happy with the nickname you have either been given or possibly earned?


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Nicknames still the norm, plenty of traditional nicknames still being used along with a few new ones

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I got mine because my first killlick of the mess decided that because I lived so close to the Welsh border I couldn't possibly be a true Englishman!


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We had a guy with a squint - he became Uzi (Who's he looking at)

Another who was so interesting we called him Mogodon (a sleeping pill)

Another whose parents (Mr and Mrs Bates) who during families day were unhappy with young Master's nick name.

There was also a two ringer the double of Rowan Atkinson - he was Black Adder.

Back Aft WO called Mini Cooper

And so it goes on!
My current one is AB Skinfarm- I'm a blue lidded jack dusty working for bootneck vehicle mechanics as their storeman and apparently that makes me just about useless and only good for growing skin. We also have "sunshine" a proper Manc, who we keep trying to catch out on CDT, "Gramps", who looks like Grandad from The Munsters, "Bulb" who's head looks like a bulb and "Bagrat" because he actually likes eating them.

On my first ship I was "Dingle" cause I'm from Burnley and the LHOM was from Blackburn, and the Argus I was "Jesus" 'cause of the length of my beard.

Traditional nicknames in the sense of Smudge Smith, Darby Allen and Fanny Craddock all still exist, even if their origins are unknown to us younger lads.


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I commenced CT course many, many moons ago and did not complete, but the CO then was known as the Ayatollah. He would leave SCU and walk to the nearest phone box (pre mobile days) to make a personal call!

Or was it PERSEC................


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Nicknames still going strong, with many of the old classics still in play as well as some newer ones. Worked with Dingers, Grannys, Dustys, Tamars...

I picked up "Google"in unit training... I've got a good memory and know a fair bit of stuff, so I was the go-to reference for "what has Nastystan got and what can we do about it?"


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I had a WO2 fry himself by shorting out a spanner across 440v AC links, (I received a CinC Fleet commendation for saving him)I know behind his back everyone calls him crispy as he fried himself and looked like Michael Jackson with his head on fire.


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Buck, because in was the first part of his Polish name, after starting to spell his name over the phone to a taxi firm, was re-christened . . .

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The SNO on RFA Argus had 2 nicknames during my time:
* The worm- as he was spineless against the RFA 4 ringer and the RN got every shit detail going, while the RFA AB's did bugger all, our LH's and PO's would be digging out in the incinerator or cleaning the green mile.
* The Exocet- you could see him coming from a mile away, he was going to screw up your day and there was nothing you could do about it!


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There was a lad from Plymouth with a real janner accent on Antrim nicknamed "My Plum" His surname was Adamson. Origin was 'A damson is a plum,'... 'all right my plum?'


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I had a mate on Danae called Andy; I had no idea his real name was Peter until his misses asked why I called him Andy. Turned out before I joined there used to be 8 Peters in the mess, so his given name was Andy and that was the name he was stuck with.
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