Nickname for submariners?


Lantern Swinger
The chosen ones, Golden Dolphins on his chest make him one of Britains best. All depends if your talking about proper submariners or nuclear ones.

Only 2 types of Ships, Submarines and Targets.

And Yes I know that Subs are Boats, its just a saying!!!!


Lantern Swinger
harry_threaders said:
Hi, anyone know the matelot nickname for a submariner? Just been asked the question and can't think of it! :???:

Super, Handsome, debonair, :neutral:


Lantern Swinger
flatbackpinky said:
overpaid war dodgers with an allergy to soap and all things to do with personal hygene
that int fair!!. Iused to have 3 socks that I rotated so one could be washed every week

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