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I once landed up with a pair of overalls that had the initials K E G on the back, belonged to a L/Air Ken Gammer-----so peeps started calling me Keg lol !!!
And why Blood Reid,
Brigham Young after the morman leader
With Daisy May , Dolly Gray,April Ashley,Marilyn Monroe etc no wonder we would get odd looks in a bar when ordering a round in the good old homophobic days of yore.

The ubiquitous " Jock" for any one north of the border,At the time I never understood why when Jocks said why call me Jock , my name is ... .....tis only after I settled in the land of Haggis that I realised that Jock is a derivative of John and now never call them such unless they qualify or Im pissed and the English have beaten them at some sport,( not so regular these days)
Always new Evens by 'Crash'. Don't know why but new a few. Then there was 'Nutty' Almond (obviously), and 'Ben' Casey - think he was an actor, 'Bud' Abbot - Lou Costello's mate, 'Red' Adair - the texas oil fire fighter, 'Darby' Alan - think he was a actor/singer, 'Peanuts' Carter ex president USA, 'Buster' Bailey - ??????, 'Berney' Bolt - golden shot TV game, 'Wiggy' or 'Gordon' Bennet -, 'Ben' Cartwright- Bonanza fame, 'Jon-Boy' Walton -goodnight yall, 'Bev' Dixon -???????, 'Donald' Duckworth - Quack, 'Duke' Earle - royalty, 'Jack' Frost -brrrrrr, 'Digger' Gardener, 'Jimmy' Green - ???????, 'Nobby' Hall - where the posh folks live, 'Doc' Holliday - OK Coral fame, 'Gabby' Hayes - black and white movie cowboy actor, 'Danny' Kay - after the singer, 'Tanzy' Lee - ?????, 'Tug' Owen - ??????, 'Ena' Sharples - corry actress, 'spanner' Spencer - ??????? but might have been spanner wa***r because he was, 'Sophy' Tucker - another actress, 'Topsy' Turner - ??????, 'Soapy' or 'Sudz' Watson - Sudz short for soapy but why soapy?, 'Bungy' Williams - ??????,

800 had a crab pilot, 'Ori' Ball - weren't that horrible really, 899 also had a DAEO of the same ilk but he was. 800 also had an AEO and DAEO, both at the same time by the name of Collins - they became Jackie and Joan. 899 also had an AEO about the time the series Roots was aired on TV his name was Kidner so he became 'Kunta' after the main character Kunta Kitna. Kunta was a bit harsh, he wasn't that bad.

My favorite 'Noz' (short for Nozmo) King - From the shortened sign 'No Smoking.

Well you can tell I didn't have much to do this afternoon


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Hi all.

Although you have covered quite a lot of names, they are mainly new names, all currently used and probably more relevant to the modern Navy instead of the old traditional names that "Jolly Jack Tar" has been called by for several hundred years.

Good thinking though, but the original name go way back past the 20th century even , but stick with what you are familiar with, as they will all answer to whatever you call them.

The Tot went, so why doesn't the original corruption of names.

regards pingbosun.

PS. I am copying them down as there are some bloody good ones there thanks for the lesson, to add to my original definition's, of nick names. Now all I need to learn, is the new badges and what all the letters mean for the new rates. I am really stumped with all the letters that everyone has now. :? :? :? :? :? :?


Two best mates on a T22 back in the 90s. One called MAPP and one called DYE.

'Treasure' and 'princess'


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terry_rice said:
KLNA-Cessna-Jockey said:
I used to have a boss called HUNT - Nickname WHATUK - he was a right twat !
Should have nicknamed him Isaac, more of a wardroom name, don't you agree mate ?
G'day Terry.

Now that was a classic mate, that one is worth a sipper!!

Come round tommorrow lol

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