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I remember on one ship (London?) we had a JR called Crowe so he was of course known as Sheryl!! I also heard a story, probably aprocyphal, of a bootneck who was a bit on the slow slide. In Cdo training he was referred to as 'Bone'. He really didn't like it and one day flashed to his messmates saying 'Stop calling me Bone, I want you to call me nice things instead' To which the reply came back "All right then Nice Things but you're still effing thick!' Still known as Nice Things apparently

Maybe not true but I'd like to think it is.


Fore endy on the Tiptoe.'Happy' Day
AB On Mohawk, 'Jumpfer' Joy

I remember most of those names under different nicks

what about 'Bomber' Harris, Bagsy Baker, 'Spider' Kelly, 'Kitty' Lester,
'Buster' Brown, Evans always seemed to be Jan or Taff, Hall was 'Nobby' as was Clarke,
Knocker White, 'Fez' Parker, 'Whiskey' Walker,
'Bungy' Edwards and Williams.

The previous list seems to have been derived from the Dink Navy!
As for Bungy Williams, another Bungy and myself were discussing this over a pint and he said that he had enquired to a Naval Historical site who told him that AB Williams and AB Edwards were detailed off to construct the Cask which was to carry Nelsons body . This they did, but on learning that it was to be filled with Brandy, they constructed a method of extracting the Brandy via the Bung in the Cask. Over the weeks on the way back to Blighty they drank lots of the Brandy via the Bung, and upon opening the cask Nelsons head was NOT pickled. Edwards and Williams were flogged round the fleet. And forever on ANYONE named thus was called Bungy!
Its a good dinner party dit, probably NOT true though. I asked Julian Stockwin the author of the KYDD novels, and he reckoned that we were named after someone who had a full Bung (sailors purse) and who were probably very generous with it. I much prefer the former myself as all the other Williams's i knew were tight fisted Welsh bastards!

:lol: :roll: :lol:


'Bungy' Williams was common in my day (1950s) so is definiltely ancient.

But you all missed mine - surname LEE



PS Anyone know the origin ?
had a guy in my mess at Fisguard can't remember his surname but we called him Nipple cos he was a tit.
Bumped in to him years later when he was Navigating Officer on Revenge and I was an RPO (Reactor Panel Operator for you non nuclear types). We were at a ships company piss up one night and he got a bit peeved cos everyone including the skipper started calling him Nipple.
So he thought he would try and get one over on me. There were 3 of us on board at the time all joined up at Fisguard together 2 went to the darkside (became grunters) and me, so he asked me if I felt a failure.
My answer was NO as I was on nuclear pay I had been getting paid more than him for years and would contiue to do for many years to come, plus I didn't have to put up with living in the bunhouse. I thought the skipper was gonna choke on his whiskey cos he hated the tit as well.
Oh he failed perrisher too so had to go back to skimmers :lol:


Lantern Swinger
Knew a semi -coloured guy in the mid sixties on the Ark ,with a christian name of Valmar, nick named him Val Coonican .


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When Leanders (as leaders) used to boast a Cdr(E), we had a Lt(E) as junior engineer, who's name escapes me, but, because of his habit of dashing round like the proverbial blue arsed fly, was known (surreptitiously) by the Engine room branch as "Billy Whizz" (a popular Beano character of the time).
Small emergency in the boiler room - POM(E) says to baby stoker - "Go and fetch Billy Whizz".
Baby stoker to Wardroom - knocks politely on door - asks officer who answers if Lt Whizz can come to the boiler room. Loud guffaws from assembled piggery as question is repeated fortissimo by officer, and nickname then became general use.



War Hero
Served with a guy, of Irish descent I think, with the surname Poulaine. He became "Shit Street" as in Poo-Lane. Met him years later, still the same nickname!

Oh yeah there's also a Captain Twitchen kicking about somewhere, first name Richard apparently.
Back in the mid 60s we had two black Rhodesian seamen, one called OMO and the other Daz, Daz became an excellent Leading Seamanbefore I left. Probably not acceptable today but no problems back then.


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Knew a WEM who later became a PTI, now a member of Devon and Cornwall's finest who was named Omar Ben Mhand. Therefore was referred to as Shaky.


War Hero
Got sidetracked last night into reading (most of) Bergen's excellent thread on "Training for small boats in the northern Persian Gulf".
Some really interesting stuff in his diary, using phrases that we have all used in our time and you serving members are still using today.
Back on thread - quote from Sat 13th Jan 1912 "Received telegram from Pincher, (Cuthbert's brother, Martin!)".
Reckon we'll have to dig pretty deep to find the origin of that one!!

I was advised by my sea dad to pick a nickname before it was picked for me, as I might not like it.

He then proceeded to pick one for me.

I've still no idea why he picked this one.

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