Nick Carter exHMS/m Sidon Departd on his Final Patrol

Robert Nick Carter ex AB UC3 a member of this Forum known as "Sidon" passed away to his final patrol yesterday in Western Australia.

Nick was one of the survivors of the explosion aboard HMs/m Sidon when a HTP torpedo exploded in a tube whilst she was secured along side the Maidstone in Portland on 16th June 1955 12 crew and a RNR Doctor from the Maidstone died. Nick was a Ganges boy who joined boats in the early 50's. After Sidon he went to SM 4 in Sydney where he took his discharge and completed his reserve time with the RAN serving aboard HMS Melbourne.

Last year Nick came to the UK for the Sidon Memorial Service arranged by "Janner" and the members of the Dorset Submariners Association. During his time in the UK Nick stayed with me for a few days and we visited Ganges and various other places from his youth. He proved to be a real old grey bearded sea dog in the style of UA from the Box.

A Gentleman!

May his soul rest in peace and our condolences go to his wife and daughter who survive him.

Chrissie and Bob Head
Murcia Spain
It is strange how one develops a feeling for people you correspond with on sites such as this without really knowing them. I will miss Sidon and his posts, the loss of any one diminishes us all in some way. My condolences to his family.



War Hero
Didn't manage to strike up the banter with him at any point that I recall but am saddened to see one of our own go. RIP to him and sympathies to his family.



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One thing to add to Nuttys piece on Nick,
He devoted a lot of his time to the Scouting movement in Oz, just before coming over for Sidon he was given an award for his services to Scouting. Even though He was officially overage to be involved He still offerred advice and assistance

RIP Nick, a another good Man gone.