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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by docherty, Sep 18, 2009.

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  1. right am on the rnli and was called out this morning at 2:47 am for some idiot who jumped of the pier and sparked a massive search involving 5 lifeboats and a sea king from valley. All the lifeboats searched for 2:30 hours before we found the man who then tried to fight with us and shout abuse trying to get him on the boat and then actually starts a fight with a crew member. when we we finally got to shore the he pushed the paramedic down the slip and broke his ankle before finally being controlled by the police. this idiot was not worth me getting out of bed or the man power used to find the egit.

    this cnut never deserved to be found by us.

    rant over as i have got that off my chest.
  2. No you deserved to find him because that is what you do best, and you did it in the best traditions of the service. Whether or not he deserved to be rescued is a different kettle of fish. Sounds like you need the old "Canvas and Bamboo windy burberry" alias neil Robertson stretcher for your lunatic. ( Wasn't a chap called Brown or Alister Darling was it?)
  3. Sounds like a typical Saturday night around my way

    Get over it :roll:

  4. Christ Almighty XRD, where you moved too??..... :twisted:

    Beirut 8O :D :)
  5. Peckham!!!
  6. Thats my old stomping grounds ,we used to go to foster parents in Peckham,Battersea,wandsworth,Clapham Junction,
  7. I was born there Chris and went back to attend a funeral over the last few days. Needless to say i dont intend returning as i'm set on my move to Wales very soon.

  8. Edited to say I F*cked this up :oops: :oops: :oops: :roll: 8O
  9. post edited on the grounds of the author being a c**k.

  10. Wales or peckham,yeh i would choose Wales any day,
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    More proof Chico, if it were needed, that you're a twat
  12. Concur, hopefully he'll learn once he gets in
  13. Yeah, because throwing yourself into the sea then verbally and physically abusing the unpaid volunteers who got out of bed in the middle of the night to rescue your ungrateful sorry arse is perfectly acceptable. I mean, it's not like the RNLI ought to feel affronted by that kind of behaviour, is it? FFS.

  14. Hope the paramedic takes him to the cleaners.Twonk!
  15. This type of rescue should be billed to the wanker in the water.
  16. :boxing:
  17. Oh yeah, don't hold your breath 8O :roll:
  18. Tommo will be coming round selling popcorn in a minute.
  19. Nah, just feed em rice 8O :D
  20. Very harsh XRD and the last time I looked Peckham did not have any oggin around it, let alone any lifeboats. The twat who jumped in should be made to pay for all the rescources he wasted for his moment of stupidity and he is a complete loser.

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