Nice of the Jurno to blame the RAF!!!!

:roll: All that downdraught from the little hawk :lol: Wonder how his house has survived, after all those Scimitars, Sea Vixens, Tooms and Harriers were flying out of VL at 10 to the dozen many moons ago :lol:
Quote :wink: :wink: FAA OR CRAB Kingsdon is North of Runway 27/09. The jets always circuit to the south and never go near Kingsdon. Even during Air Day, the jets stay south of the runway.
What a load of crap :)

We used to have the lot from Valley making a racket and never saw any of the house falling down. He get polish builders in?

Relatives down south live under the flightpath of Heathrow.........their houses are still intact. Moaning cnut had dodgy builders in and he's looking for a way to get the cash back as he cant find em
He has only just gone and won his case :roll: awarded £92,933 in damages plus £28,000 in legal costs against the MOD
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