Nice Harrier painting

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Apr 14, 2013.

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  1. Duo flying over the Needles

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  2. What Sqn colours are they dressed in Scouse?
  3. 800 squadron not long before they disbanded if my fading memory remembers
  4. Good job they could hover.
    Must have taken ages to paint `em.
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  5. Three more Harrier paintings plus Wasp vs Santa Fe.




  6. Nice paintings, but, the harrier seems to have missed the Fearless/ intrepid.
    didnt realise there was a Wasp attack on the Santa Fe, Brilliants embarked flight flew a Lynx, there was a Wessex from Glamorgan ( Colin Vickers RIP ) IMMC and another from either Plymouth or one of the other frigates doing the NGS. Standing by to be corrected.
  7. Worlds first Air-to-Sub missile attack, i do believe.
  8. [​IMG]

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  9. Love the Harrier with Ark Royal picture, any idea where I can buy it from?
  10. The first 2 pictures look rather like Sea Harriers. Arguably, the SHAR MK2 was far more capable at sea than the Harrier.

  11. On Sunday morning (25th) as "Santa Fe" headed out on the surface, she was spotted off Cumberland Bay by Lt Cmdr Stanley's Wessex. Near-missed by two Mk.11 depth charges and with some damage, the submarine limped back towards Grytviken. As she did, one of "Brilliant's" Lynx attacked with a Mk.46 torpedo, the two "Endurance" Wasps (Flight Commander, Lt Cmdr Ellerbeck) fired AS.12 missiles hitting her fin, "Plymouth's" Wasp fired another AS.12 and both of "Brilliant's" Wasps strafed with machine guns. The warships meanwhile headed for the action at high speed. Although the attacks only slightly damaged the "Santa Fe" and wounded one crewman, by noon she was abandoned alongside the jetty at King Edward Point. (Later, on being moved to Grytviken, one of "Santa Fe's" crew was shot and killed in the mistaken belief he was trying to scuttle the boat.) think the Plymouth wasps Aimer was Lacm Joe Harper.. Waspie will put me right
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  12. Either santa Fe was lucky or accuracy was not too good. 2 depth charges, a torpedo, 3 helo's firing AS12 missiles plus strafing and she was only slightly damaged! I appreciate that the missiles hit the fin, which was fibre glass, so reducing damage but that's a helluva lot of ordnance fired with little result.
  13. Brilliants Lynx didn't launch the torpedo. The lynx merely hovered astern of the boat with the threat that if they submerged the torpedo would be launched. Believe from talking to our aircrew the only ordnance used was the A12 and machine gun.
  14. You sure T?????0800Submarine in area orders to sink us when we land or now. We can only passively hear sub when she charges her batteries at night. Not using active sonar so as to not draw attention to us.

    Wessex found submarine inshore our helicopter going to sink it

    Closed up at action stations Arg sub 16 miles south of Cumberland Bay running for it (on surface) attacked by Wessex slight damage our Lynx missed with a Mk46 torpedo SW122 12 c attack being

    Carried out by Plymouths LinxTwo near misses with Mk 2 Depth charges (Wessex.) Plymouths Wasp hit fin

    8 Miles from Cumberland Bay 3 AS12 attacks have hit now us Antrim and the rest Closing our pacific going to go in for a Carl Gustav attack

    At North of Cumberland Bay subs going alongside personnel on subs bridge

    Sub alongside King Edwards point jetty smoke billowing out Argentineans running about lads seem unconcerned that we are killing people . In mouth Of Cumberland Bay, Antrim and Plymouth 6 miles behind.

    Argentineans mounting guns on headland Captain going over to Antrim to have discussions on whether to land Skipper pressing hard for it (6 Miles along coast) oil pouring out of sub
  15. My Father in Laws Harrier and Sea Fury drawings

    harrier.jpg sea fury.jpg

    Will do commissions, PM for details.
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  16. ah!! 899 squadron the flying fist . First seen on the Sea Vixens of Hms Eagle :thumbup:
  17. Pretty certain Brilliants lynx came back with the torpedo slung underneath. Seem to recall conversation that the lynx with the torpedo prevented him from diving the boat. I landed with my first aid party to treat injured Argie in shackeltons hut . Don't know where your log is from Scouse, but certain Brilliants lynx came back with one slung underneath the cab.
  18. she carried two lynx choppers and one carried out an unsuccessful torpedo attack!!
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