nice arse - bod!!!

I am afriad im sick and tried of hearing about the washed up football player and an out of work ex spice girl!At least they might be able to piss the septics off.
Glad the skinny bint has moved over to Yank land and with any luck after too much Amercian food she will actually start to look bloody normal.

Cannot stand her.

'Faith' on the other hand Lamri is a totally different prospect altogether. :)

Of course, this young lady could burn my toast any day of the week...

Did anyone see the stupid bitch posing for her picture for her driving license, posing and pouting with her makeup artist touching her up first.

Then the stupic cow doesn't like the photo so she asks for another - fair play to the yank at the DMV who refused to allow her another shot.

Stuck up bitch - I think she forgets where she came from
Definately one for the gronk board.Wonder where the rest of her fingers are?Thought it was Manky Maureen from the R.A for a skant moment( mind you i,ve had a few tots) Up Spirits!!!!
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