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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by joe_145, Jul 15, 2010.

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  1. On my list of things to take with me to my RT, it says i have to take my National insurance seems that i have lost mine, just wondering if it would be ok to take something else with my NI number on it....

    also it say that i have to make sure that part 1 of the form is filled out...but part 1 has already been filled out mainly and its just stuff like name and address and stuff...the rest of the form (part 2) is i have to complete this?

    cheers all
  2. They photocopied my NI card, but they didn't ask for it, I just said I had it with me; they were more interested in my birth certificate and health documentation. Apply for a new one. I'm sure you could take it in after the RT if you can't produce one on the day.
  3. oh i didnt know you could apply for a new one...loads of people told me that you cant get a new one?? ill have a ganders
  4. I also heard that you couldn't get a second one, but looked further into it and found out you can.
    I didn't receive my new card in time so just took my wage slip which had my NI no. on to show them.
  5. a printed pay slip, NI letter or Job seekers paperwork will do. Basically anything that has it printed on it that is dated within the last few months.


    :D :)
  6. thanks all....also should i fill out the whole form i got sent or just section 1 like it says...just seems strange they would send me it if all i got to do is take it with me??
  7. They will send you one replacement, but that is it.

    I had an old card one, it was a bit tatty so i asked for a plastic one. They told me that you will only get one replacement.

    Hope this helps
  8. I can't think of the form... If they're questions that YOU need to fill out, I assume so, just make sure they aren't for official/afco use only to be filled out. :?

    I'm not 100% on this one as I can't remember the form/what questions they are.
  9. the form is basically just like the application form only some of the info has been typed in for me....thats what im thinking as well why send me it if all i got to do is take it back to the afco with me...ill just fill out i think...
  10. Follow the instructions you have been given, to the letter. Don't presume to know best, people don't like that.

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