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Hi Guys & Gals
I know this is not strictly Navy but I reckon that there are enough ( ex or current) Sick Bay Tiffs, QARNS and MOS who may share my concerns. If not please ignore with my apologises.


These is them. Ignore if you wish. But add if you share my concerns
Sorry I cocked up the original post

Dear Sirs,
I have just watched Mr Blair, announcing on the news a £2,000,000,000,000
programme to reduce NHS waiting times to not more than 18 weeks by the provision of Clinical Assessment and Treatment Services CATS.
I am horrified at this profligate waste of public funds from a cash strapped NHS to a foreign private sector company. This is our money being wasted for political and heritage . Even the BMA is horrified.
Please edit this missive as appropriate but do not dilute the message Please advise the British Public of the Internet Online Petition.
I now realise that this is a national and not just a Cumbrian problem.
If this also concerns you please sign the on line petition. Even if it may be ignored as the Road Taxing Petition is likely to be it may put pressure to limit the damage to our NHS.
Yours, etc.
Terence E. Barritt

Copy of letter to local paper

Sunny Crest
CA11 0HS
14 Feb 07
The Editor
Cumbria & Westmorland Herald

Cumbria PCT CATS Services
Last night I attended, as a concerned member of the public, a well supported consultation meeting in the parish centre and was very pleased to note that my concerns were reflected by the many searching questions submitted by the numerous councillors and organisation representatives present.
My own experience of the NHS in the area has been extremely satisfactory. I am very content with the service provided by my GP practice. The day surgery treatments I have received at the Cumberland Infirmary Carlisle Ophthalmic and Gastroscopy Departments have been both thorough expedient and caring. Recent home services provided by the District Nurses from our Penrith Hospital has been way beyond my expectations, all I had requested was to borrow a set of crutches to assist me to walk with a temporary knee injury. Besides the loan of additional equipments to the requested crutches the nurses visited me three times to ensure that I was sufficiently mobile to safely move around my home and would be able to manage to look after myself.
I cannot speak more highly about my experiences and am therefore extremely worried that an alleged cash strapped service has planned to divert scarce resources to the private sector. The impression I received from the PCT board members was that the CATS Service consultation is a bogus debate as the decisions have already been taken and the consultation process is merely fine tuning. Even the choice of sites in for the three CATS centres in Cumbria have been selected with the use spurious fictitious travel times
I fee somewhat akin to a prisoner about to be executed who is consulted to choose to be hanged, executed by firing squad or poisoned; whereas in truth he were prefer not to be executed at all.
Last night on return from the meeting I logged onto the internet and added my name to the online petition and would urge all other concerned readers to do so at http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/NHSprivatisation/. At present there are only 53 signatories. If you share my concerns please add your names?

Yours Truly

Terence E Barritt
017684 83766

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