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hi, new here just been plodding through a few things an looking for some info.
i recently passed my phsycometric test, and the officer said that they would be intouch in the next few weeks for an interview and my medical.
was just wandering how formal is this invterview? as ive been going for 'interviews' every 6months for the past 2 and a half years however they were more like informal chitchats with my career adviser, is this interview going to be an actual interview? and what should i expect?
and what exacly is required at the medical?
and i know this wont be believed, but i do not take drugs, however alot of my friands are stoners, and i am worried about this as i may have traces of cannabis in my system due to passively inhaling it? would these trace amonts show up in a drugs test, and when would this drugs test be?

i am also hoping to join as to get my wings and become a pilot, would i yet have to sit another exam? and whats in this exam?

any help would be fantastic

Here you go mate

Good Luck!

P.S. You won't get your drugs test until at least Raleigh, probably beyond. It's a piss test, unless that tests positive, then they can do other things. If you really want to join the Navy, just stop hanging around with people who smoke weed now and you'll be fine.

Your post sounds like you are applying to be a rating, but you say you want to be a pilot. Have you done any research at all? You need to be an officer to be a pilot, and the selection process is longer and tougher than that of ratings (and other officers). If you are on the officer track for pilot you need to read this:

and this:

I'd be a little worried if you were applying to be a pilot and didn't know about that stuff mind you... they tend to ask you if you know what your application pipeline is at the first chat. If you don't, they usually explain it.

The link that TTJU has given you should give you all the information you need about the selection process. Yes this interview will be a formal interview, so you need to get dressed up and make sure you have done the research about the job you want and the RN.

I presume if you are looking at officer entry you already have the 5 GCSE's and 180 UCAS points that are required? or are at least at Sixth form/college.

On the drugs front. It's very unlikely that small traces from passive smoking would show up at the drugs testing once in the service. You should obviously try to stay away from events where there is a lot of drugs used as the chances for you being slipped some drugs would be fairly high. If you have used in the past, don't worry, as long as you are not still using.

Having just sat the interview (AET-Ratings trade) it is a formal interview and you should dress and behave as your life depends on it (it does in a way...). It's more relaxed than I expected it to be, but I think if you're sat there, shaking and stammering from sheer nervousness the interviewer isn't going to get an eloquent response from you.

Don't try and BS your way through. You'll get caught out at some point :thumright:

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