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Discussion in 'Joining the Royal Navy' started by shinson, Jan 10, 2017.

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  1. Hi All,

    So, following my medical which I did indeed pass (the Dr had marked the wrong box therefore I was referred for two weeks - great eh?!) I am onto the pre fitness test.

    I have just looked on the new website, and it appears the pass times have all changed?


    and then selecting male and 30-34 gives me the following:

    Time to aim for: 10 mins 32 secs

    Satisfactory time: 11 mins 51 secs

    Minimum pass time: 13 mins 09 secs

    I was under the impression that my run time for 31 was 11:58

    Can any clarify if the times have indeed changed or is the information on the website incorrect?
  2. It looks like the website has changed - whereas before it simply advised you of the minimum time, now it seems to give you two additional milestones to aim for.
  3. Yeah but the 'pass time' has also changed. It was 11:58 but now seems to be 13:09??

    I am currently running a 11:30 so fine I will pass that, just confusing really haha
  4. I did my PJFT in November and I was told at the gym I went to that I had to go under 11:58. When are you booked to do your test? If you're training, then between now and then you will get quicker, so from the sounds of it, you have nothing to worry about :)

  5. Not booked up yet, I am literally waiting for the letter from the AFCO to come through the post. They rang me on Monday to advise the Dr had made a mistake and I was fit, and my docs are now back at the AFCO.

    Yeah I am not worried, my goal is to be able to do it in sub 11 minutes for Raleigh - just to take the stress away. Having done Raleigh when I was 16, I understand that the less stress I give myself then the longer I have for kit and revision etc. All about being as prepared as I can be this time. (I passed basic at 16 like but it wasn't exactly easy due to my lack of prep work)
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It is.

    The letter from your AFCO will state the correct run time based on age/gender.

    The website is causing no end of confusion in this area.

    Correct pass/fail PJFT times are:

    15-24 11:09
    25-29 11:33
    30-34 11:58
    35-39 12:23

    15-24 13:10
    25-29 13:37
    30-34 14:05
    35-39 14:33
  7. Note that on the day you will perform a lot better than when training as motivation will be higher...
  8. Cheers Tango!

    I can feel the nerves starting to kick in abit now. Just need to remember that 12kmph for 11 minutes is bang on time then hammer the last bit as a minimum pass (but a pass is a pass isn't it!?)

    Just hope I don't go racing off at level 18 to then be goosed 3 minutes in!! Or worse...trip and fall off...or slip and hit the stop button.... I should really go to bed now haha!

    PJFT tomorrow...BRING IT ON!!
  9. Good luck! I'm sure you will smash it.

    When I did mine, I was told that I had to do 12.7kph. Started off at 13, so I was always a little ahead and then increased it to around 15 for the second half to ensure that I was comfortably under my 11:58.
  10. Thanks! Yeah I've been training at 12.5 upping to 13.5 and gradually ending up on 18.

    Hopefully be reporting back that I'm just waiting for a PRNC date
  11. Hi everybody, Sorry to hijack on the back of this thread.

    I am in the process of re-joining at the moment, (PO(ET)WE), I have just passed my medical this morning and was wondering how long people have waited in between the OFFICIAL pass being received by the AFCO then PJFT, if passed then a start date back in the good old RN? All this on the premise that Capita havent messed up somewhere along the line that is.

    Any experiences that people can share would be greatly received, I just would like some idea for timescales (even though it is a bit different as I am not a "new" joiner)


  12. Hi Tug,

    I am also not a 'new joiner' ha!

    Once Capita 'pass' you medically then the AFCO should get confirmation pretty quick. Mine was within a week. Then it's onto PJFT which has to be passed within 14 days of booking (must be booked within 7 days of receiving the letter)

    I then got my start date the afternoon on the same day I passed my PJFT. Then a week later I got my PRNC date.
  13. Hi Shinson,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I am hoping it moves just as a quick as yours did (once capita's mess was sorted out)

    Are you undertaking basic training again then?

  14. Yes unfortunately I have to re do Basic.

    Yeah Capita really slowed my application down - various cancelled medicals from October and eventually got seen in December. Then the Dr simply 'ticked the incorrect box' and marked me both fit to serve but also referred to Naval Command. That took another two weeks to sort.

    Good luck though. I am now on countdown after passing my PJFT. PRNC 20th March then I leave for Raleigh 26th March.

    This time, with my head screwed on abit more compared with my 16 year old self, so hoping I enjoy the process and get through.
  15. I'm sure you will be fine mate, you have the added advantage of having experienced it before.

    Luckily I don't have to do basic again, but I do have to do SRCC again... should be fun!

    Cheers for the replies though mate and all the best Raleigh, might see you around the fleet someday :)

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  16. Yeah you too mate!

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