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Discussion in 'RMR' started by crazychris84, Jan 6, 2007.

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  1. Good evening all!
    Does anyone know when the next RMR intake is? I spoke to them around November 06, and they said that I had just missed their intake. Im not sure how many they have per year would would have thought they would have an intake shortly? Ive tryed phoning them but all I get is answerphone.
    Also does anyone know the average duration of RMR training? I know alot depends on your committment (employment etc) but what is a realistic duration? I have contacted the Parachute Regiment and they've said its 9 weekends in 18 (4.5 months) then 2 weeks for CIC & P Coy, and then a further 2 weeks for jumps course. So in theory if you were committed you could complete training in 6 months although I understand the norm is a lot longer.
    Any light shed would be super.
  2. Spenny is our resident RMR machine, he is the man to speak to :)
  3. Spenny!!!!!!!!
    You assistance sir...
  4. alrite mate. in spenny's absence i will try and fill in the gaps, no doubt ill be wrong an he can correct me later.

    each RMR unit (i.e. Mersey, Bristol, etc.) have their own intake dates. which are you after?

    PARAS??? are you mad? you have managed to switch on a pc so i dont think you would fit in with those pongos. jokes aside, it will take you 11 months from your selection weekend to donning a green lid.

    the process is:

    selection weekend, induction weekend, 6 months of phase 1 training (3-4 hours every tuesday night at your local unit, every other weekend away, wth 3 weeks leave at xmas and in summer) then a 2 week course at CTCRM. after that, its 5 months phase 2 (same commtment) and a 2 week course at CTCRM to do the comando tests and get your lid.

    this is by far the longest of any of britains reserve forces selection processes (special forces aside) and is certainly longer than the paras. is this a bad thing? NO!

    it realy does take this long to train someone up to the standard when they can take part in ops alongside the regular corps. i really wouldnt want to trust my life to a reservist Para with just over 5 months of training under their belt.

    also the govt. has put the kibosh on parachuting until 2011! so you might not even get to jump.

    the RM set the standard for the forces and the RMR set the standard for reserves.

    so to sum up, 11 months of tuesday nights and every other weekend + 2x 2 week courses. at the end of this you will be a paid up member of a unit truly worth joining. you know it makes sense. the reason you are getting the answer phone is everyone is on xmas leave, towards the end of this week you should be able to get in touch.


  5. Alright mate

    To be honest, Recruit Troop start dates and the course duration vary between locations. For example, the next RMR Scotland selection is in May and the course runs every second weekend. That works out around 10-12 months. For this reason, RMR Scotland only run 1 course per year.

    Some detachmnts run there course twice a year and every 3rd of 4th weekend, which means the course length can be as long as 18 months.
    You would have got the answer machine when you called, as the units have been on leave. Try contacating your local unit detachment next week and they should be able to provide course dates and any other information you require.
    Remember that regardless of when your selection is, you may be able to get onto Holding Troop if your unit runs one. This is excllent for building your fitness levels in preperation for the course.

    With regards to 4 Para, the info you were given on the duratrion of the course is accurate, however the chance of you getting on a jumps course at Brize straight after P Coy is slim to say the least!! There are just no aircraft available (all the Hercs are in Afghanistan) and some lads have been waiting a year or more to do the course. If current reports are correct, parachuting could be binned until 2011 anyway!!

    If you choose this path, expect to be a Penguin (a bird without wings) for a fair while before getting your wings (if you get them at all). You would almost definitely be sent to Iraq or Afghanistan before you do the course anyway, as 4 Para are planning a Company level deployment to Afghanistan in 2008.

    Contact your local AFCO or RMR detachment and see what they have to say bud. The Royal Marines has a lot to offer, so dont jump into joining 4 Para just so you can be "one of the boys" within a few months. It might take longer with the RMR, but isnt that worth it to earn your green lid?

    Good luck mate

  6. Halford

    Sorry oppo - I was half pissed typing my reply and in the time it took me to finish it, you had posted already.

    Cheers mate

  7. Spenny,
    Some excellent and unbiased comments there mate. Cheers!
    I have recently moved down to London so it’s the London troop. I believe they're in Bermondsey...

    With regards to 4 Para I am aware of the grief regarding getting on a jumps course at present, and also that they have a company warned off for Afghanistan 2008. This probably isn’t a bad thing given my personal circumstances.

    The trouble is I have AOSB planned for around July/August. I don’t want to hold back on the TA/RMR now in the hope I get into Sandhurst, and therefore waste away potential beastings! Additionally any TA/RMR work I do in the meantime will stand me in much better stead in this respect.

    It’s a tricky one but I’m definitely interested in the RMR in the near future and in the distant future the RM's (Circumstances permitting). I’m all ears to any persuasion, advice, anything...
  8. Next RMR scotland intake should be march/april.


    Also with regards to 4 para, I would place money on there being no more jumps courses for any reserves outside SF in the near future, so if thats your motivation for going the pongo route think again.
  9. any one know the dates RMR Pooles holding troop intake?
  10. lol, no worries lofty, great minds think....etc.
  11. RMR London next intake is July, fingers crossed ill be there.
  12. Damn, I certainly did miss the boat then :(
  13. London normally has 2 per year so there may well be one toward november time, or there may not, you'll have to ask them.
  14. RMR intakes are tricky beasts and not easy to guess, explain or obtain information on. However, I believe London only run 2 intakes per year if for instance there is a selection weekend in January then they will have one around Sept/Oct. They are usually around 7, 8 or in extreme cases 9 months apart.

    RMR London is a good unit and run a holding troop every Wednesday and you can train whilst completing all the pre-joining box ticking. This is good as it is progressive and builds you up to a good standard for the selection weekend.

    RMR Bristol run a continuous training programme and have a intake every 6 months.

    As iceman said best to ask. Good luck buddy

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