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I only get The Times to hide Reader's Wives inside it. Since they changed from a broadsheet its become a bit more difficult so do I a) substitute The Times for The Telegraph or b) substitute Reader's Wives for Forum or one of those A5 porn fests from Holland? Decisions, decisions.......

The Soduko in Reader's Wives is crap but I always enjoy the Editorial and the letters page especially!


Aberdeen Press & Journal....probably the best newspaper in the country, especially the farming section. BHHAAAAAA!! Second is the Mearns Leader published in Stonehaven! Then of course the Navy News. Is that varied enough?

Of course if I want the truth, then I can always read my companies blurb!!! It's got to be true as it's a huge American computer company!!


I forgot to mention the magazines I subscribe to also. Ton Talk and the St Vincent periodical along with Bowlers Quarterly ( Some great pin up shots in that one) Vera from some club in Aberystwyth (!) with her t**s out aged 75!


Telegraph, daily and Sunday, mainly due to it's sports coverage and the fact that it was the only paper to report Field gun results.
Northern Echo and Isle of Wight County Press, on line, unless I'm in Durham or I.O.W.


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Telegraph, because I've been reading it since I was 10 and because nowadays it has a more comprehensive deaths column than the Times. Actually yesterday's Telegraph put through my door by a neighbour so as to use my Green Bin, as he can't get one down his garden path - symbiosis 2007 style. If I'm really lucky I get his Times as well so two crosswords.


HarryBosch said:
jambosun said:
I only get The Times to hide Reader's Wives inside it.

Interesting. I buy Reader's Wives to hide The Sun inside when I'm travelling on the train or other public transport.

Nice one "Harry" , I like it , :thumright:
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